Monday, October 26, 2015

A few Pictures, A few words.

 I didn't have much to write about, so i am just going to post some pics for now. Enjoy!
Moose crossing in Vermont.

A broody chicken from earlier this summer.

Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream.

All three of our duck hens from left to right: Runner, Dragon, And Leroy. We thought the last one was a boy.
Dragon and Taru, one of our hens and our drake.
One of our little cuties.
M&M mid crow.
From left to right: Front left, our rooster M&M, back left Jenna, our only full sized hen, and far right Mama Hen, one of our bantam hens.
A Ben and Jerry chicken.
Dragon and Runner, two of our duck hens.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hats For Sale!

      So, as you all probably know, I have been making baby hats recently. I am now more skilled and can make about one a day, and am at a good place to start selling hats. If you want one, please tell me how you want it in the comments. They are $5 each for striped, or 3 for $12,  $3.50  for plain, or $4 for patterned yarn. They are handmade and crocheted. The yarn I use is 85%  cotton, 15% polyester, and I can make plain unbleached white or brown hats with local alpaca wool for $15. Here is a picture of a striped baby boy beanie:
This one was too wide and not long enough. I had made a mistake with the pattern. I have learned how to fix this since then.
     I can also make matching scarves to go with hats, but these should not be used on babies. Scarves are $5 for plain, $7 for striped or patterned yarn. I can make doilies for $3, or coasters for $1.50. I am sorry for any inconveniences that may arise, as I cannot make exactly measured hats. It will be very nice if you can give me measurements of any head a hat will be for. If you order five or more items over $2, you can pick out any premade item for 1/2 price. Thank you for reading this, and if you wish to buy anything, please just let me know here or on google plus. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hats, Bread, and a Sweet Sixteen

It has happened. I have reached the uniquely me part of my life where I am making baby hats 24/7 for friends, baking gluten free bread that actually tastes like bread, and celebrating when my beloved sister, Anthea, turned sixteen. Two big birthdays in one year: my thirteenth, her sixteenth. Life has been pretty good lately. We sent off a picture by email the day that it was due to enter into the Meyer hatchery catalog cover. The photo depicts one of our really cute chicks standing on our tractor/lawnmower, and I honestly think it could at least place. Oh, I love our chickens and ducks.
All the fowl decided to molt, which means no eggs for a bit, except the one faithful duck whose egg that we get daily.
The reason I have been crocheting hats is that so many of our family friends have babies right now. With one friend, I am trading ten hats or so for a laying duck. Pretty fair trade, in my opinion. The bread I have been baking tastes very good, or so I have heard, and I will hopefully become my family's lead supplier. I finally got to get back to riding after a thumb injury. Unfortunately, all of my soccer games have gotten rained out this season, so I hope to play this Saturday.

I thought you might want to see some recent photos of the animals, so here they are. Enjoy!
"What are you looking at?"

Papita laying an egg in the brush pile.

Sunflower, one of our female chicks, standing on my boot.

They thought it was pretty funny, me taking pictures of them. These are our current ducks.
This is the actual photo we sent, and it is pretty adorable.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Birthday, Anthea!

       So, today is Anthea's 16th birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her. I finally settled on getting a bunch of pictures of her (you are welcome, Anthea) and posting them on my blog for her. Here they are!

Flying a plane. Yes, she actually flew it.
At the Color Me Rad 5k
She loves hats.
Anthea is on the left with the crazy hat. 

Our whole family and my grandmother.
     Well, I hope you enjoyed that, Anthea! (And other people who read my blog) and I hope you have a good Birthday.