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A few Pictures, A few words.

 I didn't have much to write about, so i am just going to post some pics for now. Enjoy!

Hats For Sale!

So, as you all probably know, I have been making baby hats recently. I am now more skilled and can make about one a day, and am at a good place to start selling hats. If you want one, please tell me how you want it in the comments. They are $5 each for striped, or 3 for $12,  $3.50  for plain, or $4 for patterned yarn. They are handmade and crocheted. The yarn I use is 85%  cotton, 15% polyester, and I can make plain unbleached white or brown hats with local alpaca wool for $15. Here is a picture of a striped baby boy beanie:
     I can also make matching scarves to go with hats, but these should not be used on babies. Scarves are $5 for plain, $7 for striped or patterned yarn. I can make doilies for $3, or coasters for $1.50. I am sorry for any inconveniences that may arise, as I cannot make exactly measured hats. It will be very nice if you can give me measurements of any head a hat will be for. If you order five or more items over $2, you can pick out any premade item for 1/2…

Hats, Bread, and a Sweet Sixteen

It has happened. I have reached the uniquely me part of my life where I am making baby hats 24/7 for friends, baking gluten free bread that actually tastes like bread, and celebrating when my beloved sister, Anthea, turned sixteen. Two big birthdays in one year: my thirteenth, her sixteenth. Life has been pretty good lately. We sent off a picture by email the day that it was due to enter into the Meyer hatchery catalog cover. The photo depicts one of our really cute chicks standing on our tractor/lawnmower, and I honestly think it could at least place. Oh, I love our chickens and ducks.
All the fowl decided to molt, which means no eggs for a bit, except the one faithful duck whose egg that we get daily.
The reason I have been crocheting hats is that so many of our family friends have babies right now. With one friend, I am trading ten hats or so for a laying duck. Pretty fair trade, in my opinion. The bread I have been baking tastes very good, or so I have heard, and I will hopefully …

Happy Birthday, Anthea!

So, today is Anthea's 16th birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her. I finally settled on getting a bunch of pictures of her (you are welcome, Anthea) and posting them on my blog for her. Here they are!

     Well, I hope you enjoyed that, Anthea! (And other people who read my blog) and I hope you have a good Birthday.