Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Birthday To the Best Friend Ever!

This post is dedicated to Sara, my best friend. Here are some hopefully not (too) embarrassing photos;). You are a great friend, Sara, Happy Birthday!
She and her sister, Kira, are often found at our house on a Sunday afternoon.

With her little sister.
Helping me with some roosters that were a bit feisty. She was one of the only people to offer to clean up their injured combs.

At my house for a blog collab.
Always ready to do my ever crazy hair.

We got dressed up!

She hates is when people spell her name with an "H" 
Her smile of pleasure is always a grace,
She loves and she shares, 
She prays and she cares,
She is awesome as can be! 
She is a best friend to me. 

     Well, Sara, Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see you :).

Friday, May 27, 2016

A LOT of stuff happening!

     Hi guys, how are you? I am quite well, and am enjoying my last two weeks of being 13; wow, it has almost been a whole year since I started this! Well, my birthday is June 10th, if you want to comment happy birthday, or if you just wanted to know. We have been quite busy on what I like to call our hobby homestead.  Two female adult quail have been added to our small flock, named Ophelia and Athena, as well as two Salmon Faverelle pullet chicks. Names for them are TBD, and we just put seven, yes seven, duck eggs into the incubator, this night, as a result of the duck tragedy. Thea is at a dance right now, about to get home. I am quite tired; I had babysitting at high school youth group, as I am not quite in high school. I also did a bit of work around the house with the chicks and quail. I always feel like when I turn another year older, I am going to somehow feel so different, but it just feels like I am another day older, which I technically am. I have been writing letters to a good friend of mine, and making stuff for the etsy store like mad. Some of that stuff is bath bombs, one of which was mistaken for a truffle rather unfortunately by my grandmother, they look and smell so good! They are apparently very salty, and I feel bad leaving them on the counter. But, oh well. I made some amazing lip balm that smells quite like jaffa cakes, which are basically a British soft cookie with marmalade covered in chocolate. I think I am keeping them for myself for now, as they work very well. I will make a batch for you all, if you are ever interested. I was very stressed with Thea's dance, as I had to do her makeup, but had a ride to youth group, and needed to do it in 20 minutes, which is not long enough for someone like me who is not exactly skilled in the makeup realm, but I know how, which is about as good as it gets around here for the teen girls in our house. Mom and Thea know how, but I wanted to put all that research for my Ball makeup to use. I have been reading lots of blogs, working on blog posts, trying to pay for horseback with the egg business gone, and coming up with birthday present ideas, which is surprisingly hard. Mom is painting, Dad is playing around with our new ukulele, and I am trying to stay awake. We will probably be starting pick up games for soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Iv'e been a tad bit busy, huh? Well, the end. For now.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Really Hard Week

    Hi guys, I have some really bad news. We have lost six of our animals in one week. First, we lost Lila and Penelope, our probably only two hens out of our seven chicks. They are buried in our iris garden. Then, we lost four ducks, and that was one of the hardest things I have ever been through, because I forgot to lock them in their pen, for the first time even though I have done it several hundred times, and thus if I had remembered they would be alive. They were probably killed by a mink, as four were dead, and mink kill as many as possible, but we only found three, and they were not bloody at all, which is the hunting style of mink, and we have seen mink around our neighborhood. It killed Runner, Taru, Leroy, and Daisy. Honestly, I will miss them very much, but we found out that Taru had put up a fight to protect his girls, which ended in his death, but probably saved Illya and Dragon, and it makes me so proud and even sadder than before. I made a beautiful grave for them with iris, marigolds, lilies, and a blueberry bush. We could not find Leroy, and she is probably in the mink den. I wish I had remembered to put them in! I went over to my friend's house at 9 am and just cried on her shoulder for a good five minutes, because, well, they were a big chunk of my life. And now I keep on seeing delicate white feathers, and wanting to wake up from some sick dream, or remembering them when they were little ducklings, and crying. Some people don't know why I am so emotionally attached, and so this is why: I love my animals. No matter what they are, I love them. They are what are sure to make me smile, and also to make me cry when they are gone, and that is basically the description of love, right? Not many people seem to get that, unless they are my best friends or have loved an animal the way I have, or both. I feel sick, and lonely, and I miss my drake's lovely soft quack, and the conversation of the loud girls, and the cheeps of the chicks..... And, well, and I want to give up. I want the sorrow to be over, and for me to be able to sleep in and go to bed without worrying. But, as I think this, I realize so much joy would not be there, and it would completely change me, if I stopped having pets. I go through this every time a pet dies, and always, ALWAYS come to the conclusion that animals are part of who I am. Death of my pets is a big way of how I mature, even though it kind of really sucks, but I know it is God's plan that will work out for my good, no matter how bad I think this plan is for me. It will end in my better good, and in God's glory. I am not mad at God; I have decided not to be when one of my animals dies, as it has been my choice to have these animals. I finally ate breakfast yesterday, at 12:30, even though I really did not want to. I guess, I feel empty, and want to crawl in bed, but really, I know I just want to hold my ducks, even though I can't, because my two remaining won't let me, and the ones who would are in the ground, and I can never hold them, ever again. and that completely breaks my heart. I know this post was a bit of a downer, and I am sorry for that, but I really need to get my feelings out, and here they are. And I feel much better, in a weird, sad way. So thank you.


P.S. Ducklings will return soon!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

I'm Back

    Hi guys, I know I haven't posted in a while, but we had some, well, technical difficulties with our computer. Well, er, both of them. They both broke down in the same week. They were easy to fix, except then the other one broke down again. We took it to the shop, again, they were able to turn it on, and it kind of sort of caught on fire. So, not really my fault I haven't posted in a while. Quite surprisingly, the computer that caught on fire is home and all fixed up, thanks to some awesome computer repair people. Anyways, seriously a lot of stuff has been going on. A LOT. First of all we, had chicks hatch. Seven chicks, under Frisky.
Aren't they cute? Raising chicks is so much easier with a hen, and if I ever hatch my own chicks or quail again, I am using one. I only have a name for the definite female, and it is Penelope. Frisky is being a great mom, finding food and grubs for her babies. They turned one week old today. I have also been gardening like crazy, so the chicks get all the nice grubs I find. The garden is going very well, we have planted
lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, beans, squash, cantaloupe, honeydew, the list goes on. We have also started more lettuce, more tomatoes, peppers, and okra. I will be planting watermelons and more cantaloupe and honeydew today.            Ferris, the quail, is doing well, I am working on his coop today. I hope to get him two quail hens at some point so he won't be lonely.  He loves coming outside with me while I work on the garden or do school, and takes many dust baths. His favorite food is ant, I think he likes them like potato chips. You can't just stop at one, and there is a very abundant supply of ants at our house, so we don't mind. I am making his coop able to sleep 5 quail and his run will have plenty of space to let them run around. I know this is off topic, but I made an awesome chocolate cake for our friend's birthday, complete with white chocolate roses. This turned out beautifully, and tasted great! Do you like the roses? I made them out of white chocolate, which was
 surprisingly easy. I love baking, although it is much harder now that I am gluten free and sugar free most of the time, so this was a fun opportunity to bake a cake. I have been making more lotions and other beauty products which will be on the etsy shop in a few days. I am hoping to sell more lotions, as well as some art work on the shop, as I have been neglecting to re stock and add new things. I got my first review of one of my products, and it was 5 stars, so I am very happy about that. Once I get my sewing machine fixed, I will be making things for people, like scarves, bibs, burp cloths for babies, and many other things, so if you have a request, I can try and make it. I will have a spa kit coming out soon, with bath salts, lotions, scrubs, body butters, bath bombs, and many other things, all in one basket. I have been busy with school lately, and am almost done for the summer. Next year, I am probably skipping 9th grade and going into 10th at our local homeschool co-op, as I have a good opportunity to start community college earlier that way. I want to go to a normal community  college and possibly a cooking community college nearby. Katie, our new puppy, is doing very well, and is growing like crazy. As in, she is actually over twice her weight from when we got her. She is still very cute, though, and she and Zoe get along very well now, although the Zo-monster needs a break every once in a while. The Heritage Ball was awesome this year! I will have pictures very soon, they are on Thea's camera, not the family one I use for my blog. Well, that sums up MOST of the stuff that has been happening lately, but I will give you a blog post about the rest soon.