Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pictures + Update (Last Post of 2016)

     Hi guys, I am so sorry for not writing in forever. I could apologize for paragraphs upon paragraphs, but that is boring ;). So, here are some things that have been going on lately!
Bareback, of course :) I am going to ride Chessie with my friend, Anna, in a few days, and it will be a tackless (no bridle or saddle!) ride!


Making rat hammock sets (this one is for sale)

Making more rat hammocks.

Making wreaths and garlands :)

I also got a new rat cage, but don't really have any pictures of that yet... I will soon.
                                                     Making youtube videos!

So, I will be writing a proper post soon, but for now, I would say this is pretty good! Love you guys!
-Amelia :)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Several legitimate reasons why horseback riding is actually a sport.

      Well, because the main sport I am participating in currently is horseback riding, I have been getting comments from some friends about how it doesn't take any work or is a useless sport and is just plain dangerous. So, because riding actually takes more work than sitting down, contrary to many beliefs, I figured it was time I wrote down a handy list that I can have people refer to with their smart phones when I get told horseback isn't a sport. So, without further ado, several reasons why horseback is actually a sport:
    No, I do not ride western, even though it looks that way from my hand position. I was taking the picture with my other hand, and still had to keep my pony under control.

    At the canter on Dijon.
  1. To ride a horse in any way, shape, or form, you are going to have to be physically exerted in some way or many ways. Riding a horse, and especially riding one well, is going be a lot of work. Even if you just lead a horse around, you are going to be wearing yourself out, mostly because horses are strong animals that love grass and can be very stubborn.
  2. Horse back riding is actually classified as a sport. Yerp. Shocker.
  3. Horses are super awesome animals that you get to have a bond with while you are with them. They are also highly intelligent. While this is not necessarily a reason why horseback is a sport, it still says horseback is awesome.
  4. Horseback riding is dangerous. But I guess living is the most dangerous thing ever because you are constantly risking death. Yes, I came up with that one, feel free to quote me ;). While horseback is a dangerous sport, it is one of the most rewarding, especially when you finally get your horse to go over a high jump at a steep turn or get a perfect leg yield that didn't need any reigns. You probably have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, but if you do, props to you! If you don't, you should go learn how to ride. Cuz it's fun. And looks awesome.
  5. You have a game plan. Or, at least a plan. Well, you should have a plan and you should stick to it. I am not very good at this. I accidentally forget the course all the time and end up cantering verticals on Lacy that I wasn't supposed to jump, let alone canter to. Especially on Lacy, cuz she is a horse that I am fairly new to riding. But, most people do have plans and they do stick to them. 
  6. You end up very sweaty after a ride. When you get back from horseback, you have to shower immediately, because not only have you sweated like crazy for an hour and a half, but you have been sitting on the back of an animal, so you also smell like said animal. But, compared to most animals, horses actually smell good to me... and to everyone else I know who rides. Other people seem to not like the wonderful aroma of hay and horse, which boggles my mind.
  7. You end up super sore afterwards. I used to have a coach in soccer that was in the army. We were very sore by the end of those two hours. That was nothing compared to how I feel the day after horseback. I can't even sit with one leg crossed on top of the other, my leg muscles are so sore. 
  8. It is super rewarding and I wouldn't give it up for anything. Horseback is insanely fun and isn't terribly hard to learn. It takes time and effort, but it is all well worth it when you are able to understand how your horse can understand your voice commands. And once you learn to canter bareback (which I did for the first time this week), you just feel super accomplished because you stayed on an animal that is going pretty fast without having something to keep you on its back.
       Okay, so you may not be convinced, so I am just going to show you random pictures of horses that I have ridden.

Riding Lacy :)

Lacy grazing after a long lesson. 

Chessie. Yeah, I know his halter is too big. It is actually for Lacy, but this was taken a while ago and the halter was the only one I could find.

     Now, I have ridden two other horses/ponies, but I could not find any pics of them. One of them has moved from our farm, so we will not get to see any of her. She was the first horse and the first mare I ever rode, and her name was also Lacy, but she was called grey Lacy, and the Lacy I ride now was Brown Lacy. The pony's name is Tucker Bell, and he is a tiny welsh pony that I rode for less than a month, but I still love that little cutie. So, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe have a new perspective on horseback riding.

Friday, September 23, 2016

School, Another Ball, and Debate

     That is what makes up my life right now. Oh, and babysitting, church, and horses... I live a very normal homeschool life. Kind of. Okay, so school is going pretty well, I aced my Latin scripture quiz, and am slowly catching up on math. I have started to get 8 hours or more of sleep, thanks to getting to bed before 10:00 pm now. I read school books or do math at night until I need to sleep. Right now I am reading Paradise Lost by John Milton, and I get to read The Pilgrim's Progress and write a paper on it this week. I had my first debate today, and I think we won. I do not really know. The debate was about GMOs. Here is what we were working off of:  Resolved: The U.S. government should ban the use of genetically modified food. Our team was assigned the negative position, and we found that out this morning, and we debated this afternoon. Being on negative was a bit hard for me for two reasons. One, I am very much against GMOs and did not like defending them, as I am actually sensitive to GMO corn. Second of all, my partner and I were not well prepared for negative. We had to be prepared for both sides, which was interesting. I was shaky and feeling like I was going to faint, and my feet did not really like the three inch heels I was wearing going into the debate. Afterwards, I told everyone I thought I did horribly, but they assured me that I did very well. They said I was the best. I said that that is debatable. Pun intended. So, that was fun. After that, we finished up the school day by looking at rancid pond water mixed with many gross things. Last week we had found Dave, our pet and mascot paramecium, but sadly did not save the awesome footage of him. He will always be in our hearts. This week, we found dead bacteria, I do not really know what types. We were hoping to find another Dave, but we could not, much to our chagrin. After school, we went to Sweet Frog and got fro yo, all except Josh, because he can drive and was on his way home. I got home and Anthea set up her new hammock and my friend Sarah and I played on the swing. I decided to try some Halloween makeup for my costume, which is going to be a deer. I am also going to the first annual Autumn Ball! Yes, the same organization that hosts the ball I went to this spring is having a ball in the fall now, as well as the one in the spring. That is very exciting, and I am using a dress I have had around for a year or two. It is blue and green shimmers. I am hoping to have a getting ready for the ball with some other girls my age. My chickens are doing okay, but Nutmeg and Chia got eaten by a hawk a week or two ago. I have been going over lots of jumps on Lacy in horseback, which is awesome. I got to babysit our friend's new baby, and she was so sweet. They have a farm with goats and cows, as well as chickens. I would love to write more, but I am exhausted and want to go rest for a bit. Love you guys!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

School, School, and, Wait! There's more! More School, of Course!

   So, as you have probably gathered from the title, I have a lot of school. A lot. Now, I have skipped a grade in Classical Conversations' Challenge class. If you have been through Challenge, then you may know that it is, well, challenging. I also had already skipped some other math... books up to skipping ninth grade, which set me up for a lot of new learning. Put on top of all that, I also have a full time Latin class. And I am attempting to write a book. And I have a small farm to run, complete with messy ducklings that I have to vacuum up after. I am very tired most of the time, and I have to work on the weekends. I have cried, laughed hysterically, which is probably worse, and even dyed my hair because I just cannot think quite right at the moment. The hair dye has thankfully faded, and I am happy that I am back to being me without hot pink hair. Yes, I did dye several inches of my hair, and yes, it was hot pink/red. All this being said, I am having the time of my life. I have a wonderful class that dotes on me and teases me all at the same time. I get teased by one, the other two defend me. I am getting better sleep than I have in a while, mostly due to the fact that I am getting less, but much more of it is before midnight. I was getting to bed around midnight and getting up at ten... Now I get to bed around 9:15 and get up at 6:30. The pets are not getting the attention they deserve, and I am re-homing my betta fish. I have given away five roosters and hope to play with the rats more often. I am working on my school like crazy, and in doing so, it is teaching me how to truly work. Maybe I will actually graduate college at 19 because I get to skip a grade. Maybe  I won't. But I know how to get my self to sit down and work for several hours now. That will most definitely come in handy with writing my book. When I have a free Saturday, if I ever do, I am going to make myself sit down with this computer and write for two hours, at least. I will probably be able to get a few chapters written that way, and I will hopefully get back in the groove of writing in my spare time. So, even if I have tons of work, I know how to get through it: I will work until I am done or as close as I can get, and that is that. I have already skipped a horseback lesson for school, but it turns out I didn't have the money to pay for it, anyway. Okay, okay. Moral of my life is, drum roll, please, Rely on God, Work Hard, and Get Going. Oh, and love animals.
Bye Guys! Love ya so much!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to Help a Chicken, Quail, or Duck Survive Shock and/or an Injury

     Salvete! I am going to write a post that I talked about in my previous post, which was requested by my good blogger friend Micah from Micah's Farm. I recently had a hawk attack one of my chickens, but I managed to intervene in time to save her from the hawk so she could die in peace. I am really glad I brought her inside because she stopped rolling her head around and just sat, trying to get all the blood out of her mouth. So, to help her clear her mouth out so she could breathe, I gave her a basic electrolyte solution of water, maple syrup, and salt. I used maple syrup, but you could use honey, or even sugar. I just wanted to get her system back up and running as soon as possible so I went with a liquid sugar. If you want to, you can also add a small drop of apple cider vinegar and some garlic for extra immune system boosting. If the bird/animal has a wound, you should disinfect it. I did this with one of my quail when she got bitten by something on her wing and had a scratch on her head. I added about two drops of tea tree essential oil to a small cup of water and stirred it up well. I cleaned all the blood up with that water, and once she was clean, I added a few drops of the same water, although this had no blood in it, to some healing clay. I don't exactly know what type ours is because it came from Germany, but Bentonite will work very well. Bentonite clay draws toxins out of almost anything. Paired with activated charcoal and water, it makes an awesome face mask for clear skin. Okay, back to chickens. I do recommend putting the clay on any red areas as chickens like to peck at red and the clay will cover it up.
This is  Athena's wing before cleaning.

After cleaning with clay covering the small wound.

      Athena the quail is doing just fine, in case any of you were wondering, and it has been several weeks since this incident. Nutmeg, the chicken who got attacked, is also doing just fine and is back with the flock. And now for some pictures of our new ducklings.

Coming home with my babies :)

       Oh, and Katie is pretty adorable. And silly.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back...With More Stuff Going on Than Ever!

     Hi guys! Why do I always say that? Okay, forget about that bland salutation, and keep on reading!
Hallo! How are you today? I am doing fantastically, and am enjoying a bit of rest after my first day of Classical Conversations, my homeschool co-op. I skipped ninth grade, so I will be doing quite a lot of work this year. I will try and keep up with the blog, but it may not be as often as I would like.I have been a bit  AWOL on the blog, I know, but I have been busy with awesome things. "What things?" you may ask, so I will answer with a semi-lengthy list:

Chickens, Ducks, Ducklings! Latin Class, Horseback, School! Creme Brulee Making, Dreaming of Having a Cow or Goat, Youth Group, WRITING MY BOOK!!!! 

  So after that ramble, I will tell you about some of these things, of course not in order, as I am a homeschool child. Let's start with horseback. I am having a ton of fun with horseback, and just yesterday went over a vertical jump several times on Lacy, the horse I ride, for the first time, once at the canter. I have done tons of crossrail jumps on her, which look like this:

     While a vertical jump looks like this and is much harder to jump over:

     Lacy is a funny horse; sometimes she is stubborn and mean, and sometimes she is an angel. She was used for research which left her damaged before she went to the stable at which I ride, which is sad because she is really quite sweet when she is not in pain and is very well put together. She is beautiful, and has beautiful coloring. She is a bay and has a small star. Her black mane is tipped in red. She gives me kisses sometimes, just like a dog. She is kind of my dream horse, and I hope I can buy her someday.

    Okay, ducklings. The ducklings are adorable and still growing, but really need some names! We have three that are unnamed, all girls, and the male a female that are named are called Charlie and Lola. Any suggestions would be appreciated! The chickens and ducks are no longer free-range, as we lost Sunflower and her two chicks, Cookie and Cream, to a hawk. Nutmeg got attacked by a hawk, too, but I ran out as it was pinning her down and scared it off by being an elegant hawk warrior... also known as screaming and kicking sticks at it. Well, Nutmeg was not looking good, her head was rolling around, and I thought her neck was broken, so I brought her inside to die in comfort. Turns out shock was the culprit of her strange behavior, and she is fine now, about a week later and back with the flock. If you guys want a blog post on how to save a chicken from shock, please request it and I will certainly write it. 

     I think some of you may be wondering about my book, and I will now give away some hints to you. The main character is named Willow, and she acts a lot like I do. I am modeling the story after the Hunger Games, although there is no killing of people in it. Well, not by other people or wounds, etc. Willow is the daughter of Peeta and Katniss, and she is a bit bored with her simple life. She hates hunting, but loves baking. She has a goat, Daisy, and a horse, Lacy, as well as some chickens and a duck. That is all I am going to give away for now, and if it ever gets past six and a half chapters, I will give you more hints. Who knows? Maybe I will publish it and you can buy it if I do.... But *no* pressure ;)

    School is awesome so far, and I love my class. My teacher is my friend's Dad, so I have seen him around. My classmates are all boys, but are all very respectful and sweet, so don't worry about me being the only girl. I feel like I have three older brothers now. Hi boys if you are reading this! Hope You like the blog! You are all so sweet! I had a conversation with one of them who we are going to call Brady for now because he hates that name, although I think it is an awesome name, that went a bit like this:

Me: I feel kind of awkward being the only girl.
Brady: Oh, it will be okay. Do you have any brothers?
Me: No, just Anthea.
Brady:Well, you know how she is your body guard?
Me: Yes!
Brady:Well, now you have three body guards that your sister can beat up if she needs to!

    Well, Anthea approves of them! They*loved* my creme brulee that I made for them, expressing their obvious gratitude by saying "Oh, this is awful!" and shoveling more into their mouths as they talked. Later consultation told me that they actually loved the dessert and would not mind more. This is going to be a very fun year! 

    I have to go now, but I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Guess What?

     Maybe some of you have heard. Maybe some of you have not heard. I have some very big news. No, I have not gotten more quail, or more chickens. Or even more fish! I did not publish or finish my book. I am not moving. I did not get a second blog or youtube channel. I did not buy a horse... I got ducklings! Five sweet, adorable ducklings. Four girls and one boy, and they are just precious! I do not have any names yet, but I hope to soon. They are only two days old, and are tiny! I have not raised ducklings in over a year, maybe over two. I am enjoying them being cute and relatively mess free, because I know that they will start to need their bedding changed multiple times a day in a few weeks. I love ducklings so much! I will have pictures and write more soon, but I just wanted to let you guys know about our new additions!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Another Post is Due....

      So here it is! I am sorry I have kind of put this off, but I have been very busy lately. I have been reading, writing, cooking, farming, and many other things. I have started to write a book, and that is going very well so far, and I hope to talk about it more in another post. I have been cooking and baking, the most recent being chocolate mousse and tiramisu. I have been farming, and the latest big but sad news on that is that Ferris, my beautiful male quail, got killed by something. His ladies, Ophelia and Athena, are doing well, though they have stopped laying. I have finally signed up for Classical Conversations, which is my local homeschool co-op, and I am going into tenth grade level, although I still have to do some ninth grade things during the year. I am the only girl out of four students, but I know all the guys, so it should be fun. Katie is still being a very crazy puppy, but we figured out some new ways to help tire her out. Right now, she is laying down at my feet. Thea, Mom, and I all went berry picking this morning and came back with a gallon of blueberries and a pint of raspberries. We had some friends visit yesterday, which was really fun, and then we went to a youth group picnic to welcome some other friends home from living in California for a year. I would love to write more, and I think I will later this week. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My 50th post, and the blog is a year old!

     So, this is my 50th post! Just think, I have written on this blog 50 times over the course of a year. Wow! This Blog has been around for a year! I started my youtube channel last night, which is very exciting, and here is the video:
     Yes, I did make a mini birthday cake for you guys to see. It was delicious :) I was also allowed to read the Evil Guest Post my sister wrote, and this is my celebratory post for, thanks to all of you,  reaching... over 2,000 page views over the course of a year! I will now tell you all the countries that I receive page views from and how many I have gotten (all time history)

United States
United Kingdom

     Well, that is an awful lot of page views and countries, right? Right. I am very happy to have kept on blogging for this long, and for blogging to sprout so many new business opportunities, such as my my youtube channel, and my etsy store. If you would like to check those places out, that is a great help to me. Especially if you want to subscribe or buy something from my etsy store... But no pressure. I am hoping to come out with some new things on the etsy store, eventually including hatching eggs for those of you who want descendants of my chickens, ducks, or quail if that makes you feel special. Okay, I won't get carried away XD
Thank you guys for stopping by! Please leave a comment if you feel urged to, and come back soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Youtube Channel!

     I uploaded my first video! You are not able to see it yet, but you should be able to tomorrow. I will put it on the blog tomorrow if all goes according to plan.
The little Birthday Cake for the Blog and Youtube Channel!


The quail laid another beautiful egg!

    Ahh, I love the quail. They are so much easier, quieter, less messy, than any of our other pets. Except the fish. But, they are adorable and give us eggs!

3 More To Go!

Well, I have three posts to go now, well two, kind of... I have less posts to write than when I started!
Yay! I am going to go see if the quail have laid any eggs today.
I will write another blog post when they do.

If they do.

More beach pictures!

Waxing the board.
Looking for sand crabs.

Quail Eggs

Here are our first quail eggs!

All our types of eggs!

Beach Pictures!

Preparing to surf.

Thea catching a wave.

"Wild" ponies. Not very wild looking to me :)

Trying to Write 7 Posts Before Tomorrow...

Hi guys, as you probably have heard, tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary. I read that on my evil twin sister's post, although that was as far as I got before she distracted me with another scheme of raising our roosters for meat, which got into a very heated argument which ended in us eating hash browns from the garden potatoes. I have want to write seven posts, including this one, today so I can write my 50th post tomorrow, on the actual anniversary. I will hopefully not have to do very many lengthy ones, mostly just picture posts, which should be fun. I am trying to see if I can make a one year anniversary cupcake and decorate for tomorrow. We shall see. So, if you want to stay tuned, I will be writing A LOT of posts today. Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, or hot cocoa, whatever you want, and join me as I try to write/post like crazy! See you tomorrow!

Evil Guest Post

Bonjour, merveilleux lecteurs, votre grand-mere cuit mauvais biscuits (*)! Before we discuss anything else, I must ask a question.

Don't you love this font?!? I feel all Lois Lane.
I wonder why Amelia doesn't use it more often...

As you've probably guessed, I am not your usual, very lovely Amelia. I am, in fact, her evil twin. Seeing as Amelia is quite a kind person, I must be quite evil. Indeed. I like moonlit walks on the beach, watching Despicable Me for tips, and puppies...

It's actually been (almost) a year since our good, fair Amelia wrote the first syllabub (Princess Bride, anyone?) of this blog. And it's been quite a year. However, seeing as she doesn't exactly know what I'm doing right now (mwa ha ha ha... EVIL!) I've developed an IDEA. Only, I call it scheme or plot

Evil Plan #376 

Tomorrow is the One Year Anniversary of the blog. We should do something a bit special. I mean, all of us appreciate Amelia's Menagerie, right? Right. (On penalty of terrible, sister-wrought doom:)

I've been conducting some back-breaking research (i.e. glancing somewhere on this page) and realized that this blog has almost 2,000 views. Why not get it past that goal? 

We won't tell her about it until she notices it for herself. I will try not to let her view the blog until then, while you, my dear, temporarily scheming, readers, alert your friends to the wonderful world that is Amelia's Menagerie. I assume she will write a celebratory post (she's only been hinting at this for the past several days), and when that happens, please leave comments congratulating her. 

To make it properly sneaky (because this is starting to sound suspiciously nice), if we succeed in making it past 2,000, and people leave comments, I'll write another EVIL GUEST POST outlining my world domination plan (Evil Plan #259). Or I will spare you that fate, depending on whether you appreciate this one or not.

Muchas Evil Gracias,


*I, evil genius that I am, used Google Translate for this. Evil apologies to any French people whose grandmothers I just roundly dissed. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Back... After More Than a Month, I Know, But Back!

     And I am tired, tan, and a bit teary. Okay, first two things have nothing to do with the third thing. We went on a week long camping trip to Ocracoke Island, which caused most of the tired, and all of the tan. We got back at midnight last night after being in our clunky old RV for the whole trip. While we were at Ocracoke, we learned to surf! And do many other things, which for me consisted of getting a cactus stuck in my foot (which hurt like crazy!) and getting pinched by two crabs (also very painful!). I had tons of fun, and will try and catch you guys up more on that trip at some point. The teary part is because I watched two of The Hunger Games movies, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I got very emotional after watching the last one, as the ending was probably the best ending I have ever seen in any movie. I don't know quite why I cried, I just know I did, and I cried A LOT! I have watched it twice, and it has the same effect even the second time. Okay, okay, I know you all are simply DYING to know what has been going on with the menagerie, so here it is: 
The quail have started laying,
We have a new broody hen,
Nutmeg has a friend called Chia,
The rats are GREAT!
Katie is growing,
Zoe is feeling the summer heat,
The garden is booming,
The fish are great,
The frog passed away :(
And that sums that up! 
Other things that have been going on in my life would be that I am doing horseback weekly now, and I am able to ride real horses now, not just the ponies, which is very exciting. I have started a youtube channel! I have been wanting to do this for a while, and now I have the name reserved, Amelia's
Menagerie, because I love you guys. I do not have any videos up quite yet, but I will soon. Here is the channel. My biggest issue is that I have no idea how to edit anything right now, so the first videos might not be super pretty, but you will get to see a lot more that goes on around here. I hope to do vlog style videos anyways, so we should not need to edit too much :). Please subscribe, it will really help me get started and have my videos show up more when people search for related content to mine. I have found an awesome new blogger! Well, she found me, and we are going to start writing back and forth through  the mail. Here is her blog. I am going to try and write weekly, if not more often, on the blog. I have been kind of bad about that lately, but I am getting back into the groove. I will be back! Bye!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Birthday To the Best Friend Ever!

This post is dedicated to Sara, my best friend. Here are some hopefully not (too) embarrassing photos;). You are a great friend, Sara, Happy Birthday!
She and her sister, Kira, are often found at our house on a Sunday afternoon.

With her little sister.
Helping me with some roosters that were a bit feisty. She was one of the only people to offer to clean up their injured combs.

At my house for a blog collab.
Always ready to do my ever crazy hair.

We got dressed up!

She hates is when people spell her name with an "H" 
Her smile of pleasure is always a grace,
She loves and she shares, 
She prays and she cares,
She is awesome as can be! 
She is a best friend to me. 

     Well, Sara, Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see you :).

Friday, May 27, 2016

A LOT of stuff happening!

     Hi guys, how are you? I am quite well, and am enjoying my last two weeks of being 13; wow, it has almost been a whole year since I started this! Well, my birthday is June 10th, if you want to comment happy birthday, or if you just wanted to know. We have been quite busy on what I like to call our hobby homestead.  Two female adult quail have been added to our small flock, named Ophelia and Athena, as well as two Salmon Faverelle pullet chicks. Names for them are TBD, and we just put seven, yes seven, duck eggs into the incubator, this night, as a result of the duck tragedy. Thea is at a dance right now, about to get home. I am quite tired; I had babysitting at high school youth group, as I am not quite in high school. I also did a bit of work around the house with the chicks and quail. I always feel like when I turn another year older, I am going to somehow feel so different, but it just feels like I am another day older, which I technically am. I have been writing letters to a good friend of mine, and making stuff for the etsy store like mad. Some of that stuff is bath bombs, one of which was mistaken for a truffle rather unfortunately by my grandmother, they look and smell so good! They are apparently very salty, and I feel bad leaving them on the counter. But, oh well. I made some amazing lip balm that smells quite like jaffa cakes, which are basically a British soft cookie with marmalade covered in chocolate. I think I am keeping them for myself for now, as they work very well. I will make a batch for you all, if you are ever interested. I was very stressed with Thea's dance, as I had to do her makeup, but had a ride to youth group, and needed to do it in 20 minutes, which is not long enough for someone like me who is not exactly skilled in the makeup realm, but I know how, which is about as good as it gets around here for the teen girls in our house. Mom and Thea know how, but I wanted to put all that research for my Ball makeup to use. I have been reading lots of blogs, working on blog posts, trying to pay for horseback with the egg business gone, and coming up with birthday present ideas, which is surprisingly hard. Mom is painting, Dad is playing around with our new ukulele, and I am trying to stay awake. We will probably be starting pick up games for soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Iv'e been a tad bit busy, huh? Well, the end. For now.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Really Hard Week

    Hi guys, I have some really bad news. We have lost six of our animals in one week. First, we lost Lila and Penelope, our probably only two hens out of our seven chicks. They are buried in our iris garden. Then, we lost four ducks, and that was one of the hardest things I have ever been through, because I forgot to lock them in their pen, for the first time even though I have done it several hundred times, and thus if I had remembered they would be alive. They were probably killed by a mink, as four were dead, and mink kill as many as possible, but we only found three, and they were not bloody at all, which is the hunting style of mink, and we have seen mink around our neighborhood. It killed Runner, Taru, Leroy, and Daisy. Honestly, I will miss them very much, but we found out that Taru had put up a fight to protect his girls, which ended in his death, but probably saved Illya and Dragon, and it makes me so proud and even sadder than before. I made a beautiful grave for them with iris, marigolds, lilies, and a blueberry bush. We could not find Leroy, and she is probably in the mink den. I wish I had remembered to put them in! I went over to my friend's house at 9 am and just cried on her shoulder for a good five minutes, because, well, they were a big chunk of my life. And now I keep on seeing delicate white feathers, and wanting to wake up from some sick dream, or remembering them when they were little ducklings, and crying. Some people don't know why I am so emotionally attached, and so this is why: I love my animals. No matter what they are, I love them. They are what are sure to make me smile, and also to make me cry when they are gone, and that is basically the description of love, right? Not many people seem to get that, unless they are my best friends or have loved an animal the way I have, or both. I feel sick, and lonely, and I miss my drake's lovely soft quack, and the conversation of the loud girls, and the cheeps of the chicks..... And, well, and I want to give up. I want the sorrow to be over, and for me to be able to sleep in and go to bed without worrying. But, as I think this, I realize so much joy would not be there, and it would completely change me, if I stopped having pets. I go through this every time a pet dies, and always, ALWAYS come to the conclusion that animals are part of who I am. Death of my pets is a big way of how I mature, even though it kind of really sucks, but I know it is God's plan that will work out for my good, no matter how bad I think this plan is for me. It will end in my better good, and in God's glory. I am not mad at God; I have decided not to be when one of my animals dies, as it has been my choice to have these animals. I finally ate breakfast yesterday, at 12:30, even though I really did not want to. I guess, I feel empty, and want to crawl in bed, but really, I know I just want to hold my ducks, even though I can't, because my two remaining won't let me, and the ones who would are in the ground, and I can never hold them, ever again. and that completely breaks my heart. I know this post was a bit of a downer, and I am sorry for that, but I really need to get my feelings out, and here they are. And I feel much better, in a weird, sad way. So thank you.


P.S. Ducklings will return soon!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

I'm Back

    Hi guys, I know I haven't posted in a while, but we had some, well, technical difficulties with our computer. Well, er, both of them. They both broke down in the same week. They were easy to fix, except then the other one broke down again. We took it to the shop, again, they were able to turn it on, and it kind of sort of caught on fire. So, not really my fault I haven't posted in a while. Quite surprisingly, the computer that caught on fire is home and all fixed up, thanks to some awesome computer repair people. Anyways, seriously a lot of stuff has been going on. A LOT. First of all we, had chicks hatch. Seven chicks, under Frisky.
Aren't they cute? Raising chicks is so much easier with a hen, and if I ever hatch my own chicks or quail again, I am using one. I only have a name for the definite female, and it is Penelope. Frisky is being a great mom, finding food and grubs for her babies. They turned one week old today. I have also been gardening like crazy, so the chicks get all the nice grubs I find. The garden is going very well, we have planted
lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, beans, squash, cantaloupe, honeydew, the list goes on. We have also started more lettuce, more tomatoes, peppers, and okra. I will be planting watermelons and more cantaloupe and honeydew today.            Ferris, the quail, is doing well, I am working on his coop today. I hope to get him two quail hens at some point so he won't be lonely.  He loves coming outside with me while I work on the garden or do school, and takes many dust baths. His favorite food is ant, I think he likes them like potato chips. You can't just stop at one, and there is a very abundant supply of ants at our house, so we don't mind. I am making his coop able to sleep 5 quail and his run will have plenty of space to let them run around. I know this is off topic, but I made an awesome chocolate cake for our friend's birthday, complete with white chocolate roses. This turned out beautifully, and tasted great! Do you like the roses? I made them out of white chocolate, which was
 surprisingly easy. I love baking, although it is much harder now that I am gluten free and sugar free most of the time, so this was a fun opportunity to bake a cake. I have been making more lotions and other beauty products which will be on the etsy shop in a few days. I am hoping to sell more lotions, as well as some art work on the shop, as I have been neglecting to re stock and add new things. I got my first review of one of my products, and it was 5 stars, so I am very happy about that. Once I get my sewing machine fixed, I will be making things for people, like scarves, bibs, burp cloths for babies, and many other things, so if you have a request, I can try and make it. I will have a spa kit coming out soon, with bath salts, lotions, scrubs, body butters, bath bombs, and many other things, all in one basket. I have been busy with school lately, and am almost done for the summer. Next year, I am probably skipping 9th grade and going into 10th at our local homeschool co-op, as I have a good opportunity to start community college earlier that way. I want to go to a normal community  college and possibly a cooking community college nearby. Katie, our new puppy, is doing very well, and is growing like crazy. As in, she is actually over twice her weight from when we got her. She is still very cute, though, and she and Zoe get along very well now, although the Zo-monster needs a break every once in a while. The Heritage Ball was awesome this year! I will have pictures very soon, they are on Thea's camera, not the family one I use for my blog. Well, that sums up MOST of the stuff that has been happening lately, but I will give you a blog post about the rest soon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walk For Life 2016

     Hi guys, I was wondering if you would like to sponsor me for the Walk for Life! It is a fundraising event for the Valley Women's Clinic, also called the Pregnancy Resource Center, which is an organization that provides free, pro-life options to women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies. They never charge a patient, even though they provide expensive services. The walk is this Saturday, so if you want to sponsor me, please do it before the event. I have 20% of my goal, and I would love to reach it before Saturday! My sister also needs help raising funds, as well as many of my team members. Here is my fundraising page, and here is my sister's fundraising page. If you want to sponsor one of my teammates, go to Thea's or my page and click on team and select who you wish to sponsor. As a team, we are a bit over half-way to our team goal, and we need your help. I am trying to raise $1000 as well as my sister for this wonderful organization. We do not get any of the money, it all goes to the PRC. I hope you will consider sponsoring me or one of my teammates! 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Catch Up

     Hi guys, I know I have been saying this A LOT lately, but sorry for not posting in a while. I have been insanely busy lately, so I think you guys deserve a catch up, hence the title. First of all, we got a puppy. I know, kind of a big thing, but we got to foster her for a week beforehand, and we fell in love with her. Here are some pictures of her:
Kate the puppy sleeping.
On my lap.
     I also had a quail chick hatch, and she is adorable! Here are some more pictures:
Ferris the quail.

     Another big thing is coming up, and that is the Walk For Life! If you want to support me, here is my page. You guys may not know what the Walk For Life is, so I should probably explain that. The Walk For Life is a fundraiser for the Valley Women's Clinic. The VWC, or PRC (pregnancy resource center) provides free ultra sounds and pregnancy testing to soon to be moms who are not prepared to have children. They are a pro life organization, and are doing wonderful things to help save unborn babies, because, you know, even if you call them a fetus, no matter what, they are alive. And they are in God's image and do not deserve death before they are born. Okay, another thing coming up is, drum roll, please, The Heritage Ball! This is something I have been going to every year for a while. I will have pictures of my dress and hair/makeup AFTER the ball, because I want to surprise the people who are coming and will be seeing me. I am very excited about the ball this year, as I got my wonderful dress in October of 2015 on sale at Ross. Here are some pictures of Thea and me at the ball from last year.

     Ah, I love my dress from last year! Do you like my flower crown? I made it at my wedding planning friend's house, with a bunch of other girls. Right now it is snowing, so I hope it warms up in time for the ball! Well, that sums up most of it, but I think I will save the rest for another post. Thanks for stopping by!