Friday, November 27, 2015

New Ducks!!!

     Okay, guys, I am super excited at the moment. We just got back from the farm down the road with our newest additions to the flock. They are super cute, both girls, and have tremendous attitudes already. We were very scared that the older ducks would traumatize our newbies, but as soon as they waddled in, they owned the place. They are really funny, and I cannot wait to get some more eggs tomorrow. Their names are Daisy Duck, who has patchy orange and grey feet, a blue bill, and a small white stripe on her neck, and Illya, who has patches of different colors of brown and white all over and a green bill. I know, I was going to name one Bella, but trust me, these girls are not that type of ducks to be called Bella. I will try and get you pictures of our own soon, but right now I will give pictures of their breed off the web.
      So, anyways, I am very excited and am praying that the transitions of the pecking order will all go smoothly. But, you are probably wondering what else is going on at the moment. Well, I am the only one up and about right now, and it is 10:54 am while I am writing this. I had pie for breakfast, and then picked up my ducks at around 10:15 am with Mom. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. We had a friend come over and then we watched a movie that was very enjoyable. We then went to sleep, and then you know the rest. I made 4 types of pies, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, and chocolate. I am a bit tired right now, but yesterday and today have been great, at least so far for today, and I am glad I am not shopping right now. So, all in all, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and I hope to talk to you later.
All the best,

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Horseback Riding

 Okay guys, trying to add a video is hard on blogger. It involves editing skills which, sadly, I do not possess. After a very frustrating half hour, I was thoroughly exhausted with anything technical, and barely had the bandwidth to do anything on the computer. Thankfully, google+ is very generous on how long your videos can be. So, if you want to see me jump, check out my google plus account. But, I can still post pictures. Actually, today was kind of exciting because I jumped my first vertical jump, which was fun. Sadly, one of our young roosters got eaten by a hawk. R.I.P. Bandy. We loved you, and I hope you find the compost pile in heaven! Anyways, horses. I love em, and I just cannot get enough of them. So, I get to groom Chessie on Friday, which should be fun, and also get some new duck hens, which will probably be called Bella and Daisy. And, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and a pumpkin pie is in the oven right now, smelling delicious! I am very excited, and hope to not get too full, because we have pumpkin, sweet potato, and chocolate pie for tomorrow. Ok, back to horses. I thought you should see some pictures of horses, so I kindly took some for you all. Here they are!
Chester in the stall.

Monday, November 23, 2015

      Honestly, all I really have to say at the moment is, well, it's cold, computers are confusing, and we fixed the chicken coop. YAY! So, as entertaining as that is, you might want a bit more than that. So, here are some pictures.
One of my arm knit scarves.

Impromptu gluten free pancake mix which yielded some very good pancakes.

Zoe on the hay bales.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Basket of Chicks

     I ran through the forest as fast as I could to the small grove of trees I knew so well. I knew today would be the day they arrived. I could hardly breathe as I peeked under the large rock with the moss and ivy intertwined in its crevices. I carefully pulled the looser ivy blanket from the hollow space beneath the boulder. I heard some faint cheeps and held my breath as a low growl was expelled from the small cave. I reached in, getting pecked and growled at several times, and found my way under the wild turkey to feel some fluffy turkey chicks cheeping in protest as I carefully wrapped my fingers around one of them. Pulling her out, I heard the mother hen calling her back in. I carefully placed her in my large basket filled with hay. Mama will be so happy, I thought, as I quickly gathered the rest of the chicks and hatching eggs and placed them in my basket, along with the loudly protesting mother. Yes, this would make Mama happy at last. I quickly got up, being careful not to hurt the chicks or the mother. I knew I was doing these babies a favor, as soon as I heard gunshots a few miles off. The hunters should not be on our land, but sadly the poachers are a common sight in the thickets of our farmland. I have been watching over these eggs that are so precious, while always making sure to cover my tracks. Should hunters have found the hen, she would protect her eggs to the death, most likely being shot in the process, and the eggs would be left to die. I had found this nest several weeks ago, hoping they would hatch in time for Easter, and thankfully they have, seeing as tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Mama always tries to make us small cookies in the shape of eggs to have for our Easter baskets, but this being our first year on the new farm, she doesn't have enough time or energy to make them. I thought I should get her something instead, seeing as she gave up her flock of laying chickens to move to Virginia for farming. She has been looking for some chicks or a hen, but she has not found one yet. I had hoped to find an escaped broody hen, but had gotten caught at the next door farm, and the hen was soon retrieved from her hiding spot to hatch some chicks for those farmers. However, walking home from their farm, I had heard a rustling and growling in a circle of trees. Trying to contain my excitement, I soon found the hen and her clutch. I knew that Mama would be just as pleased to have some large speckled turkey eggs as the small, brown chicken eggs. I just hoped that she would then keep the toms as well and hatch more, and not use them for meat, as they were too cute to eat at the moment.
   Like my story so far? If so, please tell me how it should end in the comments below. This is not a true story, but if you know of a story somewhat like this, I would love to hear it. Thanks!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Squash, Soccer, and So much baking!

     Okay guys, the rumors are true, I am still alive. Sorry for not posting for almost three weeks, I have been very busy, as we had a Narnian themed parents' dinner with our church's youth-group yesterday. I had a lot of work to do, and due to what the parents were eating being a surprise, it took all my energy to keep what I was baking concealed. I had to make meringues, gluten free rolls and cupcakes and sponge toffee. Thankfully, we got to the church at 11 am. on Saturday and managed to get some skits worked out and all the food prepared. I was Mrs. Beaver, and a very cute one at that, and my friend Ethan was Mr. Beaver. I was told we acted just like the beavers, even when we weren't trying to. We really should have worked ahead more, but everything turned out very well. I will try and get some pictures to you all at some point, but until then, you are just going to have to use your imagination. Okay, done with that, moving on. So what do you want me to talk about next? How about soccer, as I seem to have started with the baking, so let's just go backwards. Sadly, my fall soccer season has ended, and some actual tears have come forth because of that. I got to play five of our eight games, due to injury, mime, or misinterpretation of an email. It was great while it lasted, though, even the last game that I limped through the end of due to being kicked and stomped on at the same time by a teenage boy. We held a soccer party afterwards (thank you to people who came:) and ate lots of ice cream and hot dogs, then laughed really hard while playing a trading game called Pit. I am officially in love with soccer, and I am so sad that snow ruins it for the winter, as fun as snow is. We really should play soccer in the snow, that would be so much fun. Now that that is out, on to squash. We have an abundance of squash at the moment, mostly because we get a farm share and for the past month and a half we have gotten a squash among our other veggies. Thankfully, we love squash, and when a butternut squash is really ripe, it become super sweet. It would make great pie, me thinks. Also, that same farm is selling me two ducks, so name ideas would be appreciated! They will both be girls, if that matters to you. We have a duck hen named Leroy, and a rooster named Emily, so if you come up with a boy's name, that's cool with us. There. I am done with  my list, but I still have so much more to say! One of those things would be that I have started jumping in horseback, and I would have a wonderful video for you all, but the saddle I was using did not exactly fit my horse, even though his girth was at least twelve holes. Poor Chessie. But, I am getting better at jumping and have successfully done three jumps in a row, thank you. Another recent event is that we have put our little chicks out with the adult chickens for the year, and they can actually beat up our younger rooster. Okay, I have gotten all of my words out. Enjoy these Pictures!

Some of our chicks. They grow up so fast, sniff sniff.
Some sage in our garden.

Chessie the Chincoteague pony and me. He is a really sweet boy except when you put his girth on. Then, he gets a bit grumpy, as you can imagine.