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Last day of the Challenge

Sniff, sniff, It has already come. I can't believe it is the last day of my daily blog post challenge! I really enjoyed it and am surprised I did it everyday. The purpose of this challenge was to get other bloggers writing again, because I love reading your posts! Also, I have gotten some pictures of the newly christened Emil the rooster, who seems to be having a good time with his new family. He is a very sweet boy, but we had way too many roosters. The snow is halfway gone, and the chickens are actually getting out and about now. My sister finished applying for a scholarship last night, and it seems quite surprising that she will be in college soon. She also drove home from our church today! She is learning to drive, which is going very well. I am having some people buy eggs from me, which is really cool that I finally have a proper business. For the sake of my business, I am hoping to build a larger coop out of pallets and order more ducks and chickens at some point in the …
I am almost done with my challenge! Tomorrow is my last day. The snow is starting to melt, resulting in tons of gigantic icicles. The ducks are trying to catch drips out of the gutter, and they are quite happy to have some bare ground on which to stand. The chickens are still a bit wary of the snow, but they will come out and stay out now. No more eggs from the chickens, but I am hoping for some soon. Fingers crossed! I have a very small scale duck egg business at the moment, which has been going very well. I am hoping to expand our coop and flock at some point. I am getting back into a schedule with school and getting up a bit earlier. I'm really excited about our fig tree, which is putting out some baby figs right now. I hope that you enjoyed reading this! Thanks!

Still Snowy....

Well, there is still plenty of snow on the ground, much to the ducks' chagrin. The snow is starting to melt, but very slowly. We have tons of pretty icicles, which scare me whenever the ducks walk under them. The chickens are occasionally coming out of their coop, although they really just want to stay in all day. The snow is a bit less appealing to me now that it is school time, but that's okay. I have been making gluten free sourdough starter, which will make awesome bread. So far, nobody that I know of has taken my seven days of blogging challenge, but I would still love to see some blog posts soon, guys! I have been having lots of fun with  this, and I think you will, too, if you try it. Also, you do not have to write everyday for a week, if that is inconvenient. I hope you are having fun in the snow still!

Lots of sledding

Well, today was really fun. We went to church, yes it was still going on, had potluck afterwards, and then went sledding. For about five hours. It was awesome! We built a ramp, went off it several times, crashed several times, the whole time laughing our heads off. Our friend brought a snow board, and let some people try it out, which was very entertaining. Mostly it was my best friend's little brothers who got the hang of it pretty quickly. In fact, her most committed brother made it all the way down standing up one time. I did not want to embarrass myself, so I refrained from trying it out. Sledding was just fine with me! Anyways, our friends taught their friends from another country who had never sledded before, and they loved it! We brought our dog, Zoe, who wore herself out by running up and down the hill, getting in everyone's way. This snow may take care of my winter craving for a while, although one more deep snow would be nice before spring. I will now let you en…

Cold and tired

We have over a foot of snow here, and the ducks are NOT happy. They walked around, ate some snow, and went right back in their coop yesterday. The chickens didn't even get out! If you have not heard about my challenge, please read the previous post. I will be writing a blog post every day for the next four days. Well, I hope you are all enjoying the snow, and that you all have a warm place to stay.
Have a good week! -Mia

Okay, everyone. I have a challenge for you all, well, at least all you bloggers who read this. I want you to write a blog post with at least fifty words (you don't have to count) and a picture or two, if you want, every day for one week. Please put this challenge in that first blog post (sorry, I am actually counting yesterday as number one, even though I was supposed to put the challenge in the first one. Oops!) for anyone who reads it to see. The content does not matter for the post or picture, I just thought it would be fun to do something like this, and I will take this challenge too (I made it up!). Okay, here is my post for today! So, as I said yesterday, we have re-homed Emily. We have heard he is doing well at our friends' house, and we even have a picture, but I am having trouble loading the picture on the blog. Anyways, the snow has been fun, but cold. The ducks came out, ate, went back in their coop for the day. Same with the chickens. We, however, went and pl…

Dreaming BIG.

How big, you might ask? Probably not feasible, but, as I have stated, it is a dream, not reality. Okay, you are probably wondering what I am dreaming about. Well, basically, everything. Such as, my business, aka my new egg business and my etsy shop in progress (more about that in a few days), my future plans for our yard, hopefully a koi auqaponics system and a new chicken coop, and my dream job for when I grow up: my future bed and breakfast. As some of you know, this has been my dream for a WHILE. Before that, it was a pet store, which would have been fun, but I decided I did NOT want to be saying bye to several animals daily. I also realized I loved hosting things, being around MY OWN animals, and baking, which is something that definitely does not go with pet stores. Don't get me wrong, giving a pet a good home feels amazing and I know, because a few days ago we re-homed one of our roosters, Emily (there was a gender mix up), to our good friend. But, I figured I would pro…


I am cold.

     It was 18 degrees this morning when I took care of the ducks, and my hair froze. I am going skiing this week hopefully, and had to get a new coat, as I have outgrown all my waterproof & warm coats. I have never been skiing, and am very excited. Thankfully, mime started back up today, which was fun, but exhausting. The rats are growing, and enjoying experimental hammocks. In fact, my latest hammock is their favorite place to hang out now. Also, I will be doing science fair in a few months, which should be fun. The ducks have really picked up in egg production, giving us four eggs daily, out of our five female ducks. Hopefully, they will do okay with all the cold weather, and for their sake I don't want it to get too cold. Here are some pictures!

Let it snow....

Finally, it is feeling like Christmas, and it is past the New Year, as always. Oh well, maybe we can have a white Christmas next year. Anyways, it is snowing like crazy at our house, and it is beautiful! The ducks don't quite know what to do with it, but they will eventually figure out it is solid water, and start eating it. It is also not quite deep enough to do that at the moment, but it is sticking pretty well, so it should be soon. Well, I hope you have had a good vacation, like I did, and that you all like snow. My friends and I have been making rat hammocks, and we finally have some for sale. I will have pictures soon. We made a pyramid hammock on the sewing machine, and that one is going to be about $10, and the cube hammock, which can fit at least four rats, is twenty dollars. They are all fleece, and should last for a bit, although they may become "ventilated" over time, as most rodents chew. They are washing machine safe, which is VERY helpful. Also, if yo…