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My 50th post, and the blog is a year old!

So, this is my 50th post! Just think, I have written on this blog 50 times over the course of a year. Wow! This Blog has been around for a year! I started my youtube channel last night, which is very exciting, and here is the video:
     Yes, I did make a mini birthday cake for you guys to see. It was delicious :) I was also allowed to read the Evil Guest Post my sister wrote, and this is my celebratory post for, thanks to all of you,  reaching... over 2,000 page views over the course of a year! I will now tell you all the countries that I receive page views from and how many I have gotten (all time history)
United States 1843 Russia 127 France 30 Poland 30 Germany 13 Romania 8 Italy 6 Ireland 5 United Kingdom 3 Mexico 3

Happy Birthday, Youtube Channel!

I uploaded my first video! You are not able to see it yet, but you should be able to tomorrow. I will put it on the blog tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

The quail laid another beautiful egg!

Ahh, I love the quail. They are so much easier, quieter, less messy, than any of our other pets. Except the fish. But, they are adorable and give us eggs!

3 More To Go!

Well, I have three posts to go now, well two, kind of... I have less posts to write than when I started!
Yay! I am going to go see if the quail have laid any eggs today.
I will write another blog post when they do.

If they do.

More beach pictures!


Quail Eggs


Beach Pictures!


Trying to Write 7 Posts Before Tomorrow...

Hi guys, as you probably have heard, tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary. I read that on my evil twin sister's post, although that was as far as I got before she distracted me with another scheme of raising our roosters for meat, which got into a very heated argument which ended in us eating hash browns from the garden potatoes. I have want to write seven posts, including this one, today so I can write my 50th post tomorrow, on the actual anniversary. I will hopefully not have to do very many lengthy ones, mostly just picture posts, which should be fun. I am trying to see if I can make a one year anniversary cupcake and decorate for tomorrow. We shall see. So, if you want to stay tuned, I will be writing A LOT of posts today. Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, or hot cocoa, whatever you want, and join me as I try to write/post like crazy! See you tomorrow!

Evil Guest Post

Bonjour, merveilleux lecteurs, votre grand-mere cuit mauvais biscuits (*)! Before we discuss anything else, I must ask a question.

Don't you love this font?!? I feel all Lois Lane.
I wonder why Amelia doesn't use it more often...

As you've probably guessed, I am not your usual, very lovely Amelia. I am, in fact, her evil twin. Seeing as Amelia is quite a kind person, I must be quite evil. Indeed. I like moonlit walks on the beach, watching Despicable Me for tips, and puppies...

It's actually been (almost) a year since our good, fair Amelia wrote the first syllabub (Princess Bride, anyone?) of this blog. And it's been quite a year. However, seeing as she doesn't exactly know what I'm doing right now (mwa ha ha ha... EVIL!) I've developed an IDEA. Only, I call it schemeorplot

Evil Plan #376 

Tomorrow is the One Year Anniversary of the blog. We should do something a bit special. I mean…

Back... After More Than a Month, I Know, But Back!

And I am tired, tan, and a bit teary. Okay, first two things have nothing to do with the third thing. We went on a week long camping trip to Ocracoke Island, which caused most of the tired, and all of the tan. We got back at midnight last night after being in our clunky old RV for the whole trip. While we were at Ocracoke, we learned to surf! And do many other things, which for me consisted of getting a cactus stuck in my foot (which hurt like crazy!) and getting pinched by two crabs (also very painful!). I had tons of fun, and will try and catch you guys up more on that trip at some point. The teary part is because I watched two of The Hunger Games movies, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I got very emotional after watching the last one, as the ending was probably the best ending I have ever seen in any movie. I don't know quite why I cried, I just know I did, and I cried A LOT! I have watched it twice, and it has the same effect even the second time. Okay, okay, I know you a…