Short Stories

Here is my short story page! Feel free to look at the stories and give suggestions on new ones. Thanks!

A Basket of Chicks

     I ran through the forest as fast as I could to the small grove of trees I knew so well. I knew today would be the day they arrived. I could hardly breathe as I peeked under the large rock with the moss and ivy intertwined in its crevices. I carefully pulled the looser ivy blanket from the hollow space beneath the boulder. I heard some faint cheeps and held my breath as a low growl was expelled from the small cave. I reached in, getting pecked and growled at several times, and found my way under the wild turkey to feel some fluffy turkey chicks cheeping in protest as I carefully wrapped my fingers around one of them. Pulling her out, I heard the mother hen calling her back in. I carefully placed her in my large basket filled with hay. Mama will be so happy, I thought, as I quickly gathered the rest of the chicks and hatching eggs and placed them in my basket, along with the loudly protesting mother. Yes, this would make Mama happy at last. I quickly got up, being careful not to hurt the chicks or the mother. I knew I was doing these babies a favor, as soon as I heard gunshots a few miles off. The hunters should not be on our land, but sadly the poachers are a common sight in the thickets of our farmland. I have been watching over these eggs that are so precious, while always making sure to cover my tracks. Should hunters have found the hen, she would protect her eggs to the death, most likely being shot in the process, and the eggs would be left to die. I had found this nest several weeks ago, hoping they would hatch in time for Easter, and thankfully they have, seeing as tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Mama always tries to make us small cookies in the shape of eggs to have for our Easter baskets, but this being our first year on the new farm, she doesn't have enough time or energy to make them. I thought I should get her something instead, seeing as she gave up her flock of laying chickens to move to Virginia for farming. She has been looking for some chicks or a hen, but she has not found one yet. I had hoped to find an escaped broody hen, but had gotten caught at the next door farm, and the hen was soon retrieved from her hiding spot to hatch some chicks for those farmers. However, walking home from their farm, I had heard a rustling and growling in a circle of trees. Trying to contain my excitement, I soon found the hen and her clutch. I knew that Mama would be just as pleased to have some large speckled turkey eggs as the small, brown chicken eggs. I just hoped that she would then keep the toms as well and hatch more, and not use them for meat, as they were too cute to eat at the moment.
   Like my story so far? If so, please tell me how it should end in the comments below. This is not a true story, but if you know of a story somewhat like this, I would love to hear it. Thanks!


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