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hello there!
hi, you, yes you, come on stop in for a minute!
sorry for being absent for such a long time... i will try and be better about that, but no promises...
see, i just started (just started meaning i started in august) community college, and while it is super 
fun and awesome... it eats my time up. my priorities right now are as follows:
1. take care of myself on a day to day basis, as well as my animals
2. this is not less important per say, but just a bit less urgent, read my bible every day and go to  church every week.
3. turn schoolwork in on time with as good of a grade as i can muster.
4. keep cages clean
5. keep room clean

that last one is getting a bit neglected... although 
the other four are all doing pretty well, and all 
have about equal priority. if you noticed,  
keeping up with my blog and youtube channel 

were not items on that list. that is on purpose. sorry for neglecting this, but keeping myself fed, 
having good(ish) grades, keeping my animals alive and wel…