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Walk For Life 2016

Hi guys, I was wondering if you would like to sponsor me for the Walk for Life! It is a fundraising event for the Valley Women's Clinic, also called the Pregnancy Resource Center, which is an organization that provides free, pro-life options to women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies. They never charge a patient, even though they provide expensive services. The walk is this Saturday, so if you want to sponsor me, please do it before the event. I have 20% of my goal, and I would love to reach it before Saturday! My sister also needs help raising funds, as well as many of my team members. Here is my fundraising page, and here is my sister's fundraising page. If you want to sponsor one of my teammates, go to Thea's or my page and click on team and select who you wish to sponsor. As a team, we are a bit over half-way to our team goal, and we need your help. I am trying to raise $1000 as well as my sister for this wonderful organization. We do not get any of the mon…

Catch Up

Hi guys, I know I have been saying this A LOT lately, but sorry for not posting in a while. I have been insanely busy lately, so I think you guys deserve a catch up, hence the title. First of all, we got a puppy. I know, kind of a big thing, but we got to foster her for a week beforehand, and we fell in love with her. Here are some pictures of her:
     I also had a quail chick hatch, and she is adorable! Here are some more pictures:

     Another big thing is coming up, and that is the Walk For Life! If you want to support me, here is my page. You guys may not know what the Walk For Life is, so I should probably explain that. The Walk For Life is a fundraiser for the Valley Women's Clinic. The VWC, or PRC (pregnancy resource center) provides free ultra sounds and pregnancy testing to soon to be moms who are not prepared to have children. They are a pro life organization, and are doing wonderful things to help save unborn babies, because, you know, even if you call them a fetu…