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Twas The Night Before....

     Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. That is quite a feat, for this house! I thought, in  celebration of this being my 20th post and it being Christmas eve, I should give you an updated pets list. Enjoy!

The Menagerie Part (updated) Fish/Amphibians Fishy, our goldfish Colin, our twintail goldfish Starbuck & Blaze, our two koi, which I think are male and female Shadowflag, My very first betta fish Arthur & Gwenny, my male and female betta fish Jerry, my African dwarf frog Mammals Zoe, our almost 10 year old black lab
Ruby, My ruby eyed, champagne hooded pet rat Pearl, My black hooded rat with a speckled back, and a white star on her forehead Onyx, My tuxedo pet rat, all black except for her feet and stomach, which are all black Birds Runner, our oldest duck Leroy, one of our duck hens Dragon, another duck hen Taru, our drake Illya, one of our new duck hens Daisy, our other new duck hen M&M, our oldest…

Almost Christmas...

It is almost Christmas, as in only four more days until, and as most people experience around this time, I am quite busy trying to get presents bought/made for my family. Apart from the snow flurries a few days ago, it feels quite warm, and although I would normally love it, it is always nice to have some snow in the winter. I actually remember a few years ago, we were getting off for summer break at my homeschool co-op, and while we were having a party inside, it snowed two feet. When we were getting off for the SUMMER. Anyways, I am excited and a bit stressed about Christmas. The rats have been "helping" wrap things, as in running through empty cardboard tubes, trying to play hide and seek. I have been making hammocks, although sadly, I did not get an etsy account, or I would be selling them. My rats like their full size cube hammock the most, and sleep under, in, and on top of it. They are disappointed I am washing all their fleece right now, but they can just deal w…

Updates on Life

Hi people, well, the rats have grown, the new ducks are being a bit more social, and it is almost Christmas! Yes, I have more pictures of the rats, and I have some pictures of the new ducks, as well. And, even some of the Christmas tree! I actually have a lot of things to say right now. One is that I have successfully litter trained one of my rats, and maybe another. Still working on Pearl, but Ruby is fully litter trained, and actually went out of her cubby where she loves hang out to use the litter box. I am one proud mama. It took less than a week, and she was not really thrilled with the box at first, unlike Onyx. Onyx, as soon as I put the box in, jumped in and tried the litter, to see if it was edible. It apparently was not, and she spat it out with disgust. She still likes it, and she has used it a few times, but not consistently. I have also lined the cage with fleece and they really like the soft fabric on top of the cold, hard wires. I have made sooooooooo many hammock…

Celebrating (almost) 6 months of Amelia's Menagerie

On December 14, I will be celebrating exactly 6 months of this blog. This will be my seventeenth post in six months, and on the actual date I will write another post, making an average of three posts a month. I have really enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Okay, now my sweet, sentimental part is over, and it is time to get a bit less formal. Pictures! Oh, and by the way, these cuties are 7 1/2 weeks old.

    Also, I have started making adorable rat hammocks and hidy tubes, which will have pictures of them soon, and I will be selling them soon. My ratties love them! They are also great for any small animal, such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, etc. So, if you are interested, please ask, and I can make one for a few dollars, just because I went and bought new fleece, and they take a bit of time to make. All the best,


Guys, I cannot do suspense, fancy intros, etc.,etc. You probably know that. So, I will just get straight to the point. Anthea, my sister, got me some adorable baby rats for Christmas. I know, it is early, but they are adorable, and I am teaching some of friends to take care of rats, so Mom, Dad, and Anthea surprised me with these cuties early, to help teach our friends how to care for rats. The cutie's names are Onyx, Ruby and Pearl. They are super friendly, and do not bite at all, at least not yet. Actually, as I am writing this, Onyx is sitting on my shoulder. She is black except her feet are white and she has a stripe all the way up her tummy. Ruby is named because of her eyes, which are magnificently beautiful. They actually do not creep any of us out at all. Pearl is a black hooded rat with a star on her forehead and spots all down her back. She is timid, but loves to run up and down your arms. Ok, enough of that, here are some pictures of the cuties.