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How to Help a Chicken, Quail, or Duck Survive Shock and/or an Injury

Salvete! I am going to write a post that I talked about in my previous post, which was requested by my good blogger friend Micah from Micah's Farm. I recently had a hawk attack one of my chickens, but I managed to intervene in time to save her from the hawk so she could die in peace. I am really glad I brought her inside because she stopped rolling her head around and just sat, trying to get all the blood out of her mouth. So, to help her clear her mouth out so she could breathe, I gave her a basic electrolyte solution of water, maple syrup, and salt. I used maple syrup, but you could use honey, or even sugar. I just wanted to get her system back up and running as soon as possible so I went with a liquid sugar. If you want to, you can also add a small drop of apple cider vinegar and some garlic for extra immune system boosting. If the bird/animal has a wound, you should disinfect it. I did this with one of my quail when she got bitten by something on her wing and had a scratc…

Back...With More Stuff Going on Than Ever!

Hi guys! Why do I always say that? Okay, forget about that bland salutation, and keep on reading! Hallo! How are you today? I am doing fantastically, and am enjoying a bit of rest after my first day of Classical Conversations, my homeschool co-op. I skipped ninth grade, so I will be doing quite a lot of work this year. I will try and keep up with the blog, but it may not be as often as I would like.I have been a bit  AWOL on the blog, I know, but I have been busy with awesome things. "What things?" you may ask, so I will answer with a semi-lengthy list:
Chickens, Ducks, Ducklings! Latin Class, Horseback, School! Creme Brulee Making, Dreaming of Having a Cow or Goat, Youth Group, WRITING MY BOOK!!!! 

  So after that ramble, I will tell you about some of these things, of course not in order, as I am a homeschool child. Let's start with horseback. I am having a ton of fun with horseback, and just yesterday went over a vertical jump several times on Lacy, the horse I ride, …

Guess What?

Maybe some of you have heard. Maybe some of you have not heard. I have some very big news. No, I have not gotten more quail, or more chickens. Or even more fish! I did not publish or finish my book. I am not moving. I did not get a second blog or youtube channel. I did not buy a horse... I got ducklings! Five sweet, adorable ducklings. Four girls and one boy, and they are just precious! I do not have any names yet, but I hope to soon. They are only two days old, and are tiny! I have not raised ducklings in over a year, maybe over two. I am enjoying them being cute and relatively mess free, because I know that they will start to need their bedding changed multiple times a day in a few weeks. I love ducklings so much! I will have pictures and write more soon, but I just wanted to let you guys know about our new additions!

Another Post is Due....

So here it is! I am sorry I have kind of put this off, but I have been very busy lately. I have been reading, writing, cooking, farming, and many other things. I have started to write a book, and that is going very well so far, and I hope to talk about it more in another post. I have been cooking and baking, the most recent being chocolate mousse and tiramisu. I have been farming, and the latest big but sad news on that is that Ferris, my beautiful male quail, got killed by something. His ladies, Ophelia and Athena, are doing well, though they have stopped laying. I have finally signed up for Classical Conversations, which is my local homeschool co-op, and I am going into tenth grade level, although I still have to do some ninth grade things during the year. I am the only girl out of four students, but I know all the guys, so it should be fun. Katie is still being a very crazy puppy, but we figured out some new ways to help tire her out. Right now, she is laying down at my feet.…