Monday, March 21, 2016

Finding Beauty

    I really don't know why I wanted to write this, but it felt right, so here goes. Why are we here? Does anybody know the reason? I do. I even know our purpose. Our purpose is to glorify and enjoy God forever. Have you ever gotten out of bed and thought, "I need to glorify God in all I do today"? I thought not. I struggle sometimes with thinking that God isn't real, and then I look outside and laugh at myself. How could He not be?
    Look at that flower. It is very small, yet so intricately made and it's perfect. God knew that this flower would make me smile. This tiny speck of a flower was made uniquely by the Creator of the entire universe. For me. And probably for someone else, too. If God were not real, it would be impossible for anything to be. At all. And then, how would we be here? And how would we appreciate beauty while everything else ignores it unless it needs it to survive? I appreciate beauty, a lot. I love to just sit down and marvel at it all, just because. In fact, at youth group last night, I saw a flower. And I stopped to smell it and look at it, and that, among other things, made my day. I sometimes will just go and look outside and try to find beauty. I find it in the little things, the things I would not notice unless God told me, "Go look over there. I made something for you."

     And that makes me feel special beyond anything I could imagine. And it makes me want to glorify God. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Updates on everything!

     Soooooooo, I am actually alive! I am so sorry for not posting for a while, and I hope this makes up for it. Lots of things have been going on lately, and you guys probably want to know about them. Okay, lets get to it, then. I am hatching several chicken eggs, 20 to be exact, and some of those are going to hatch on Monday and Tuesday. I have some other eggs that will hatch in a few weeks, as well. The chickens are back to laying again, but the ducks are still not giving us any eggs. I had soccer practice for the first time this season, and it was great, although a lot of my old team went to another team. I am happy to be getting back into soccer, and we have our first game this weekend against some friends from church. I am really happy right now, as flowers are popping up everywhere, and if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I really like bouquets and such. I love writing on this blog, as well, so I am in a pretty good mood. That explains all the exclamation marks! We got back from a mini spring break on Wednesday at the Hotel Roanoke, which was amazing! We ended up with the governor's suite, which had a whole floor and balcony to itself! It had a very nice view of the mountains, especially at sunset. I have a lot of pictures of everything, so here they are!

There was a lovely koi pond at one of the museums there... I seriously want to build one!
Our gorgeous view from the out door balcony.

Crocuses are so pretty!
Ducklings at tractor supply. No, we didn't get any, sadly.

Early on in incubation.

Sunflower on the porch.