An overdue update, one you all deserve

oh hello, dear patient readers. i am incredibly sorry for being quite possibly the very worst blogger on the planet. i can't really even call my self a blogger anymore, to be completely honest, but the label i am known by matters not, for i am back! well, at least for this post. i cannot make any more promises, because i know i will break them if i do, but i will *attempt* to be better with regularly posting updates on the animals here. ah yes, the animals! so many incredible changes have been going on, some sad and some wonderful. first off, i no longer have ducks or chickens. this was a hard decision to make, but i rehomed my flock of ducks and chickens to some of our friends who run a local farm. since i went vegan just over ten months ago, i kind of forgot about collecting eggs because, well, i no longer ate them. the ducks and chickens were pets that weren't being treated like pets, and weren't getting enough attention, so we gave them to our friends who have a creek …


I always have goals. I try and reach them, but in all honesty, that's a rare occasion. It's not that I don't want to keep my cages clean, I just get distracted. It's not that I am not willing to put the work in to get fit, it's just, well, I get distracted, I am not consistent, or an event comes up that prevents me from doing my workout or eating well. I have never really had a real new year's resolution, but this year that is going to change. One 'resolution' or goal has been to get back to my vegan diet. I don't understand why people wait until new year to make resolutions; it makes sense to maybe come up with things to change for the new year, but if you want to change something about yourself, don't wait! Do it. That's what I did with going vegan. I didn't prepare days ahead, I just decided one day, hey, I have beans and rice and quinoa, that means I can get complete protein, I still have dairy free shakes, I can do this, and I did i…


hello there!
hi, you, yes you, come on stop in for a minute!
sorry for being absent for such a long time... i will try and be better about that, but no promises...
see, i just started (just started meaning i started in august) community college, and while it is super 
fun and awesome... it eats my time up. my priorities right now are as follows:
1. take care of myself on a day to day basis, as well as my animals
2. this is not less important per say, but just a bit less urgent, read my bible every day and go to  church every week.
3. turn schoolwork in on time with as good of a grade as i can muster.
4. keep cages clean
5. keep room clean

that last one is getting a bit neglected... although 
the other four are all doing pretty well, and all 
have about equal priority. if you noticed,  
keeping up with my blog and youtube channel 

were not items on that list. that is on purpose. sorry for neglecting this, but keeping myself fed, 
having good(ish) grades, keeping my animals alive and wel…

New vid :)


Getting to know myself.

If someone ever says they know themselves, truly and wholly, I would not believe them. I learn new things about myself everyday. Some things I think I have known for a while, but I have never truly realized their depth. I have never realized that animals are a legitimate addiction, even though I have known it for years.
I never realized that whenever I ask for a new pet, I always, always, say, "After this, I will not ask for more. My collection will be complete."
I realized that today when I asked Dad if I could get this little creature instead of a coldwater tank:
"Please, Daddy! If I still want it by the time it is my birthday, can't I have it instead of my coldwater tank? I could empty all the water out, and it wouldn't take much care."
What Dad said next went something like this:
"It is not another animal that bothers me, but that this is an addiction that cannot be satisfied. Do you realize that every animal you get is supposed to be the last one?…


I just got back from the beach last night, and it was fantastic. I made new friends, got a bit of a sunburnt face, and almost came home with a new rooster (which was living in the wild of the island), as I need a bantam one. We couldn't catch it, though, so...  no rooster. I discovered new twenty one pilots songs, one of which is right here, and you need to listen to it:
Taxi Cab
I have started playing the ukulele, and apparently I don't completely stink at it, because everyone always tells me to keep playing. I have a grand total of eight songs written, but most of them don't have actual music to go with them yet.
I got to get back into fishing on this trip, and caught several needle fish, a yellow fin snapper, and some really pretty orange sea-bass looking fish. We didn't eat any because only one was barely big enough, and it was just too beautiful to kill. And I may just be a softie when it comes to killing animals... idk.
My new friends are awesome, and may or may n…

Pictures + Update (Last Post of 2016)

Hi guys, I am so sorry for not writing in forever. I could apologize for paragraphs upon paragraphs, but that is boring ;). So, here are some things that have been going on lately!


                                                     Making youtube videos!

So, I will be writing a proper post soon, but for now, I would say this is pretty good! Love you guys! -Amelia :)