Updates.... On a LOT!

    Sorry I haven't written in over a week, guys. Things have been pretty REALLY busy around here. First of all, I acquired that etsy store I have been wanting to set up for a while, on which I have already made one sale. It has been mostly for rat hammocks so far and has been really fun to run. I will be making lotion bars and other homemade cosmetic things soon, so people who don't have small animals can purchase things. Okay, second of all, I have gone skiing successfully without falling down, although I came very close last time. Third of all, I got my science fair project approved. Nobody knows about this unless they know me personally, but I am entering our local science fair. My experiment is called Evidence of Voice Recognition in Chicks. I am testing to see whether chicks can hear before they come out of the egg. I will be hatching chicks in an incubator and splitting them into two groups, group A and group B. I will take them out to cool for a few minutes twice a day and, in a separate space, talk to group A and not let group B "hear" anything. Once they have hatched, I will have the two groups of chicks in the same brooder with identification to tell the two groups apart, and talk to them. My hypothesis is that the chicks from group A will respond with cheeps as they would to their mother hen, and that the chicks from group B will not do that. Fourthly, I have started making fodder for the ducks and chickens' food. Fodder is sprouted grain grown for several days into grass. Here are some pictures:
Day 1

Day 2

And eventually, it turns into this:

Full grown fodder!

Also, Emil is apparently making a great rooster at our friends'  house. Here are some pictures:

Emil free ranging with his new hens.

     Also, I am doing a collaboration with Sara from A Beautiful Sound, and you should go look at our blog post. We are just having a sleepover, and we decided to write on each other's blogs. So here she is! 

Hi guys!!!
I'm Sara! I guess you already knew that though 'cause Amelia told you..... Anyway I have some embarrassing  pictures of Amelia from when she was writing the post on my blog!
This is what she did when I asked for the silly picture!
I finally got one out of her though! Glad I could embarrass Amelia, or as my little sister calls her Meh!

    So, that's pretty much it! Thanks for stopping by!
-Amelia and Sara


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