A LOT of stuff happening!

     Hi guys, how are you? I am quite well, and am enjoying my last two weeks of being 13; wow, it has almost been a whole year since I started this! Well, my birthday is June 10th, if you want to comment happy birthday, or if you just wanted to know. We have been quite busy on what I like to call our hobby homestead.  Two female adult quail have been added to our small flock, named Ophelia and Athena, as well as two Salmon Faverelle pullet chicks. Names for them are TBD, and we just put seven, yes seven, duck eggs into the incubator, this night, as a result of the duck tragedy. Thea is at a dance right now, about to get home. I am quite tired; I had babysitting at high school youth group, as I am not quite in high school. I also did a bit of work around the house with the chicks and quail. I always feel like when I turn another year older, I am going to somehow feel so different, but it just feels like I am another day older, which I technically am. I have been writing letters to a good friend of mine, and making stuff for the etsy store like mad. Some of that stuff is bath bombs, one of which was mistaken for a truffle rather unfortunately by my grandmother, they look and smell so good! They are apparently very salty, and I feel bad leaving them on the counter. But, oh well. I made some amazing lip balm that smells quite like jaffa cakes, which are basically a British soft cookie with marmalade covered in chocolate. I think I am keeping them for myself for now, as they work very well. I will make a batch for you all, if you are ever interested. I was very stressed with Thea's dance, as I had to do her makeup, but had a ride to youth group, and needed to do it in 20 minutes, which is not long enough for someone like me who is not exactly skilled in the makeup realm, but I know how, which is about as good as it gets around here for the teen girls in our house. Mom and Thea know how, but I wanted to put all that research for my Ball makeup to use. I have been reading lots of blogs, working on blog posts, trying to pay for horseback with the egg business gone, and coming up with birthday present ideas, which is surprisingly hard. Mom is painting, Dad is playing around with our new ukulele, and I am trying to stay awake. We will probably be starting pick up games for soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Iv'e been a tad bit busy, huh? Well, the end. For now.


  1. Cool do you keep and breed them or is this your first time with quail?

    1. I am going to be keeping them for eggs once they start laying, for now they are just pets. Yes, it is my first time with quail. If you have access to adult quail, they are much easier than chicks.

    2. I'm planning on getting quail soon and if I can I will get adults but I think I will end up incubating shipped eggs. :/

    3. Oh well, that should work too!

    4. Oh, they started laying today!

    5. Yay!! How old would they be then??

    6. I honestly don't know XD Although I think about 2 1/2 months. I checked, and they are fertile. I hope to sell some on my etsy store soon!


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