Catch Up

     Hi guys, I know I have been saying this A LOT lately, but sorry for not posting in a while. I have been insanely busy lately, so I think you guys deserve a catch up, hence the title. First of all, we got a puppy. I know, kind of a big thing, but we got to foster her for a week beforehand, and we fell in love with her. Here are some pictures of her:
Kate the puppy sleeping.
On my lap.
     I also had a quail chick hatch, and she is adorable! Here are some more pictures:
Ferris the quail.

     Another big thing is coming up, and that is the Walk For Life! If you want to support me, here is my page. You guys may not know what the Walk For Life is, so I should probably explain that. The Walk For Life is a fundraiser for the Valley Women's Clinic. The VWC, or PRC (pregnancy resource center) provides free ultra sounds and pregnancy testing to soon to be moms who are not prepared to have children. They are a pro life organization, and are doing wonderful things to help save unborn babies, because, you know, even if you call them a fetus, no matter what, they are alive. And they are in God's image and do not deserve death before they are born. Okay, another thing coming up is, drum roll, please, The Heritage Ball! This is something I have been going to every year for a while. I will have pictures of my dress and hair/makeup AFTER the ball, because I want to surprise the people who are coming and will be seeing me. I am very excited about the ball this year, as I got my wonderful dress in October of 2015 on sale at Ross. Here are some pictures of Thea and me at the ball from last year.

     Ah, I love my dress from last year! Do you like my flower crown? I made it at my wedding planning friend's house, with a bunch of other girls. Right now it is snowing, so I hope it warms up in time for the ball! Well, that sums up most of it, but I think I will save the rest for another post. Thanks for stopping by!


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