Happy Birthday To the Best Friend Ever!

This post is dedicated to Sara, my best friend. Here are some hopefully not (too) embarrassing photos;). You are a great friend, Sara, Happy Birthday!
She and her sister, Kira, are often found at our house on a Sunday afternoon.

With her little sister.
Helping me with some roosters that were a bit feisty. She was one of the only people to offer to clean up their injured combs.

At my house for a blog collab.
Always ready to do my ever crazy hair.

We got dressed up!

She hates is when people spell her name with an "H" 
Her smile of pleasure is always a grace,
She loves and she shares, 
She prays and she cares,
She is awesome as can be! 
She is a best friend to me. 

     Well, Sara, Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see you :).


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