15 Things About Me

     So, I've seen this on a lot of my friends blog's, and decided I would give it a try. Here goes!
  1. I am home-schooled, and plan to home-school my own kids.
  2. We have ducks and chickens, which I plan to post pictures of and write about in the near future.
  3. I love planting flowers, buying cut flowers, or really anything that has to do with flowers
  4. I am gluten free, and have been dairy free before.
  5. I am a christian, and most of my friends that have blogs go to my church.
  6. I am an avid capture the flag player, and even go so far as to wear camo paint.
  7. I do mime as well as many of my friends.
  8. Soon I will be taking guitar lessons.
  9. I have been to 2 balls and got to wear fantabulous dresses both times.
  10. I love watching clean vines.
  11. I have ridden a cow and also recently gotten to bottle feed some calves.
  12. My favorite book is the graphic novel of "The Last Unicorn".
  13. I know about 50 words in german, and I know several german phrases.
  14. I am attempting to breed betta fish.
  15. I like riding horses, and soon I will be jumping.
Well, I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit about me. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What's your favorite German phrase that you know?

  2. Hey Kira,
    Thank you so much for commenting and to answer you question it is most definitely Ich liebe dich, auch. because that is the first german phrase that Hincal taught me

  3. Hey guys! You can also find me on google plus...


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