School, Another Ball, and Debate

     That is what makes up my life right now. Oh, and babysitting, church, and horses... I live a very normal homeschool life. Kind of. Okay, so school is going pretty well, I aced my Latin scripture quiz, and am slowly catching up on math. I have started to get 8 hours or more of sleep, thanks to getting to bed before 10:00 pm now. I read school books or do math at night until I need to sleep. Right now I am reading Paradise Lost by John Milton, and I get to read The Pilgrim's Progress and write a paper on it this week. I had my first debate today, and I think we won. I do not really know. The debate was about GMOs. Here is what we were working off of:  Resolved: The U.S. government should ban the use of genetically modified food. Our team was assigned the negative position, and we found that out this morning, and we debated this afternoon. Being on negative was a bit hard for me for two reasons. One, I am very much against GMOs and did not like defending them, as I am actually sensitive to GMO corn. Second of all, my partner and I were not well prepared for negative. We had to be prepared for both sides, which was interesting. I was shaky and feeling like I was going to faint, and my feet did not really like the three inch heels I was wearing going into the debate. Afterwards, I told everyone I thought I did horribly, but they assured me that I did very well. They said I was the best. I said that that is debatable. Pun intended. So, that was fun. After that, we finished up the school day by looking at rancid pond water mixed with many gross things. Last week we had found Dave, our pet and mascot paramecium, but sadly did not save the awesome footage of him. He will always be in our hearts. This week, we found dead bacteria, I do not really know what types. We were hoping to find another Dave, but we could not, much to our chagrin. After school, we went to Sweet Frog and got fro yo, all except Josh, because he can drive and was on his way home. I got home and Anthea set up her new hammock and my friend Sarah and I played on the swing. I decided to try some Halloween makeup for my costume, which is going to be a deer. I am also going to the first annual Autumn Ball! Yes, the same organization that hosts the ball I went to this spring is having a ball in the fall now, as well as the one in the spring. That is very exciting, and I am using a dress I have had around for a year or two. It is blue and green shimmers. I am hoping to have a getting ready for the ball with some other girls my age. My chickens are doing okay, but Nutmeg and Chia got eaten by a hawk a week or two ago. I have been going over lots of jumps on Lacy in horseback, which is awesome. I got to babysit our friend's new baby, and she was so sweet. They have a farm with goats and cows, as well as chickens. I would love to write more, but I am exhausted and want to go rest for a bit. Love you guys!


  1. Ah, I've read pilgrims progress. I've never had to do a debate but I bet it was fun. I mean IDK much about GMO and such but man, if they get me talking about chickens or other fowl I could convince anybody of anything!

    I've got a clep test a week from today and am sure I'll fail. I've studied like crazy but I'm still not very confident about it. I got 33% on the practice test and 75% is passing. There's just sooo many dates! I'm doing US history 1 and it's worth 3 college credits. I have 3 already from a math test so after this I'll have 6 if I pass. I hate school. I'm gonna try for a college degree because it's "virtually impossible to compete in todays economy without a college education." (yes I stole that off of the internet but it's still very true)
    Well, I'm glad your school is going well.

    I finally got a quail chick to survive more than a few hours! It'll be 2 weeks on Sunday! I'm pretty sure it's a hen. The ducks, chickens, and turkeys are doing good! I've decided that the 'mix breed chicks' I hatched this spring are actually sex-links! If so I've got a hen and a roo. Turkeys and ducks should be laying soon if it weren't for winter. Probably spring.

    I'm sorry but I haven't had time to read any more of your book. I'm super busy cramming for this history test. I've been taking care of the pigs while my boss goes to fairs. He has 30 some sows + boars, gilts, and show pigs. The buckwheat festival is next weekend! I'll miss the parade because I have to do pigs but hopefully not the pig, calf, cattle, lamb, and goat shows.

    This turned out to be a VERY loooooong comment so, in short, I'm glad school is going well for you and I'm sorry about the chickens. I know what it's like to find chicken blood, guts, and feathers instead of my sweat old hen.

    Gotta get back to school,

    1. I am glad about the quail chick! I hope your test goes well and you pass. Ducks will lay through the winter if they start in the winter, so you should get some eggs soon. I don't know about turkeys. I am having tons of fun with school. Oh, and I hope you get to go to the fair!

    2. Hey, uh, sorry about that comment. I don't want to be mean. I kinda got angry. Not at you but at school. I just kinda let it all out and ranted about how much I hate school. I generally run out in the woods and pray but it was raining and for some reason I typed that. Anyway, that young quail died. Everything else is pretty much the same.

      over and out,

    3. Oh, you didn't come across as angry, and I get hating school. I am really sorry the quail died :( they are hard to keep alive. It was raining here too, and I run out in the woods a lot to pray, too.
      I hope you have better luck with school and the quail.

    4. Thank you for understanding and encouraging. :)


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