School, School, and, Wait! There's more! More School, of Course!

   So, as you have probably gathered from the title, I have a lot of school. A lot. Now, I have skipped a grade in Classical Conversations' Challenge class. If you have been through Challenge, then you may know that it is, well, challenging. I also had already skipped some other math... books up to skipping ninth grade, which set me up for a lot of new learning. Put on top of all that, I also have a full time Latin class. And I am attempting to write a book. And I have a small farm to run, complete with messy ducklings that I have to vacuum up after. I am very tired most of the time, and I have to work on the weekends. I have cried, laughed hysterically, which is probably worse, and even dyed my hair because I just cannot think quite right at the moment. The hair dye has thankfully faded, and I am happy that I am back to being me without hot pink hair. Yes, I did dye several inches of my hair, and yes, it was hot pink/red. All this being said, I am having the time of my life. I have a wonderful class that dotes on me and teases me all at the same time. I get teased by one, the other two defend me. I am getting better sleep than I have in a while, mostly due to the fact that I am getting less, but much more of it is before midnight. I was getting to bed around midnight and getting up at ten... Now I get to bed around 9:15 and get up at 6:30. The pets are not getting the attention they deserve, and I am re-homing my betta fish. I have given away five roosters and hope to play with the rats more often. I am working on my school like crazy, and in doing so, it is teaching me how to truly work. Maybe I will actually graduate college at 19 because I get to skip a grade. Maybe  I won't. But I know how to get my self to sit down and work for several hours now. That will most definitely come in handy with writing my book. When I have a free Saturday, if I ever do, I am going to make myself sit down with this computer and write for two hours, at least. I will probably be able to get a few chapters written that way, and I will hopefully get back in the groove of writing in my spare time. So, even if I have tons of work, I know how to get through it: I will work until I am done or as close as I can get, and that is that. I have already skipped a horseback lesson for school, but it turns out I didn't have the money to pay for it, anyway. Okay, okay. Moral of my life is, drum roll, please, Rely on God, Work Hard, and Get Going. Oh, and love animals.
Bye Guys! Love ya so much!


  1. Early to bed early to rise
    makes a man healthy, wealthily, and wise!
    (I'm sure that applies to women too)

    I got to skip a year in math but am normal in everything else. My mom did start me a year earlier than most kids so I'm in 11th grade instead of 10th.

    I gotta get back to work instead of writing comments on all my friends blogs.

    1. Haha, I started early too! All my friends are confused why I am in high school at all, let alone tenth grade. My sister started kindergarten at four, though, so I always though I was normal :)

  2. Yay, so glad you're enjoying this season of your life so much! I really struggle with being content with all the school I have. Maybe I can learn something from you!

    1. I hope you do well with your school! I am enjoying school, but mostly because my awesome classmates make it bearable:)


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