The Circle Of Life

     So, recently we have been going to a lot of parks nearby, and we went to one with our friends called Alta Mons, and while we were there we met some adorable puppies that our friends named Luke and Leia. That was fun, but the dogs ended up being strays, and they went to a pound. We are hoping some of our friends adopt them. We have recently been getting visits from some humming birds at home. Two are regular green, and one is a ruby throated humming bird. They look like this:
     Also, we have purchased several new flowering plants, like butterfly bushes and hydrangea. We are hatching some eggs in an incubator that we are borrowing from a friend, and we might even hatch some ducks! Our broody chicken abandoned one dozen eggs she was sitting on, and now we have the possibility of raising twelve chicks.
     We have never hatched chicks in an incubator before, and we are excited. Sadly, we had to put our rat, Vermicelli, down due to a large tumor. We will miss her and her sisters greatly.
     We are going on a trip to Boston for a few days soon, so I will not have any blog posts for a little while. Soccer and mime are starting up soon, and I am going to be jumping in horseback. I am excited about all of those things, but I am not looking forward to getting back to school.  
I hope that you enjoyed hearing about the hectic past few weeks!


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    1. Thanks! I think so too, but I might be a bit biased, being their mom and all...


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