New Ducks!!!

     Okay, guys, I am super excited at the moment. We just got back from the farm down the road with our newest additions to the flock. They are super cute, both girls, and have tremendous attitudes already. We were very scared that the older ducks would traumatize our newbies, but as soon as they waddled in, they owned the place. They are really funny, and I cannot wait to get some more eggs tomorrow. Their names are Daisy Duck, who has patchy orange and grey feet, a blue bill, and a small white stripe on her neck, and Illya, who has patches of different colors of brown and white all over and a green bill. I know, I was going to name one Bella, but trust me, these girls are not that type of ducks to be called Bella. I will try and get you pictures of our own soon, but right now I will give pictures of their breed off the web.
      So, anyways, I am very excited and am praying that the transitions of the pecking order will all go smoothly. But, you are probably wondering what else is going on at the moment. Well, I am the only one up and about right now, and it is 10:54 am while I am writing this. I had pie for breakfast, and then picked up my ducks at around 10:15 am with Mom. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. We had a friend come over and then we watched a movie that was very enjoyable. We then went to sleep, and then you know the rest. I made 4 types of pies, pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, and chocolate. I am a bit tired right now, but yesterday and today have been great, at least so far for today, and I am glad I am not shopping right now. So, all in all, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and I hope to talk to you later.
All the best,


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