Back... After More Than a Month, I Know, But Back!

     And I am tired, tan, and a bit teary. Okay, first two things have nothing to do with the third thing. We went on a week long camping trip to Ocracoke Island, which caused most of the tired, and all of the tan. We got back at midnight last night after being in our clunky old RV for the whole trip. While we were at Ocracoke, we learned to surf! And do many other things, which for me consisted of getting a cactus stuck in my foot (which hurt like crazy!) and getting pinched by two crabs (also very painful!). I had tons of fun, and will try and catch you guys up more on that trip at some point. The teary part is because I watched two of The Hunger Games movies, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I got very emotional after watching the last one, as the ending was probably the best ending I have ever seen in any movie. I don't know quite why I cried, I just know I did, and I cried A LOT! I have watched it twice, and it has the same effect even the second time. Okay, okay, I know you all are simply DYING to know what has been going on with the menagerie, so here it is: 
The quail have started laying,
We have a new broody hen,
Nutmeg has a friend called Chia,
The rats are GREAT!
Katie is growing,
Zoe is feeling the summer heat,
The garden is booming,
The fish are great,
The frog passed away :(
And that sums that up! 
Other things that have been going on in my life would be that I am doing horseback weekly now, and I am able to ride real horses now, not just the ponies, which is very exciting. I have started a youtube channel! I have been wanting to do this for a while, and now I have the name reserved, Amelia's
Menagerie, because I love you guys. I do not have any videos up quite yet, but I will soon. Here is the channel. My biggest issue is that I have no idea how to edit anything right now, so the first videos might not be super pretty, but you will get to see a lot more that goes on around here. I hope to do vlog style videos anyways, so we should not need to edit too much :). Please subscribe, it will really help me get started and have my videos show up more when people search for related content to mine. I have found an awesome new blogger! Well, she found me, and we are going to start writing back and forth through  the mail. Here is her blog. I am going to try and write weekly, if not more often, on the blog. I have been kind of bad about that lately, but I am getting back into the groove. I will be back! Bye!


  1. Haha, I found it helpful to not just post about the big things but also the little things. A pic you took today, a new chick you got, a hen goes broody, You get your first egg, something died, etc... If you post like several times per day people might not want to follow because you clutter their inbox but once or twice a week is great.

    I'm on youtube too! Just subscribed to you!

    Make it a good day,

  2. Yay, first blog post up since I started following you! Do you like crying movies? I love crying movies. It's sort of weird. But I don't really like The Hunger Games. I haven't even read the books though, and have only seen the first movie. Wow, it sounds like your farm life is busy!

    So happy to get to know you! And um, I didn't know we were going to write letters, but I have been thinking about asking you if we could! Letter writing is the best. :) (That is what you meant by "writing back and forth through the mail," right? :D)

    1. Oh, and I was going to go subscribe to your Youtube channel, but this computer does weird things, and won't let me even get on Youtube. But if I get he chance on another computer or something, and I remember, I will!


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