Evil Guest Post

Bonjour, merveilleux lecteurs, votre grand-mere cuit mauvais biscuits (*)! Before we discuss anything else, I must ask a question.

Don't you love this font?!? I feel all Lois Lane.
I wonder why Amelia doesn't use it more often...

As you've probably guessed, I am not your usual, very lovely Amelia. I am, in fact, her evil twin. Seeing as Amelia is quite a kind person, I must be quite evil. Indeed. I like moonlit walks on the beach, watching Despicable Me for tips, and puppies...

It's actually been (almost) a year since our good, fair Amelia wrote the first syllabub (Princess Bride, anyone?) of this blog. And it's been quite a year. However, seeing as she doesn't exactly know what I'm doing right now (mwa ha ha ha... EVIL!) I've developed an IDEA. Only, I call it scheme or plot http://evilspeculator.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/my_evil_plan-1000x563.jpg

Evil Plan #376 

Tomorrow is the One Year Anniversary of the blog. We should do something a bit special. I mean, all of us appreciate Amelia's Menagerie, right? Right. (On penalty of terrible, sister-wrought doom:)

I've been conducting some back-breaking research (i.e. glancing somewhere on this page) and realized that this blog has almost 2,000 views. Why not get it past that goal? 

We won't tell her about it until she notices it for herself. I will try not to let her view the blog until then, while you, my dear, temporarily scheming, readers, alert your friends to the wonderful world that is Amelia's Menagerie. I assume she will write a celebratory post (she's only been hinting at this for the past several days), and when that happens, please leave comments congratulating her. 

To make it properly sneaky (because this is starting to sound suspiciously nice), if we succeed in making it past 2,000, and people leave comments, I'll write another EVIL GUEST POST outlining my world domination plan (Evil Plan #259). Or I will spare you that fate, depending on whether you appreciate this one or not.

Muchas Evil Gracias,


*I, evil genius that I am, used Google Translate for this. Evil apologies to any French people whose grandmothers I just roundly dissed. 


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