Guys, I cannot do suspense, fancy intros, etc.,etc. You probably know that. So, I will just get straight to the point. Anthea, my sister, got me some adorable baby rats for Christmas. I know, it is early, but they are adorable, and I am teaching some of friends to take care of rats, so Mom, Dad, and Anthea surprised me with these cuties early, to help teach our friends how to care for rats. The cutie's names are Onyx, Ruby and Pearl. They are super friendly, and do not bite at all, at least not yet. Actually, as I am writing this, Onyx is sitting on my shoulder. She is black except her feet are white and she has a stripe all the way up her tummy. Ruby is named because of her eyes, which are magnificently beautiful. They actually do not creep any of us out at all. Pearl is a black hooded rat with a star on her forehead and spots all down her back. She is timid, but loves to run up and down your arms. Ok, enough of that, here are some pictures of the cuties.

Their travel cage that they are in at the moment

Pearl and Ruby.


A furry nose. 
The newest trend, sleeve hammock!


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