Celebrating (almost) 6 months of Amelia's Menagerie

     On December 14, I will be celebrating exactly 6 months of this blog. This will be my seventeenth post in six months, and on the actual date I will write another post, making an average of three posts a month. I have really enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Okay, now my sweet, sentimental part is over, and it is time to get a bit less formal. Pictures! Oh, and by the way, these cuties are 7 1/2 weeks old.
Ruby and Pearl.

Onyx being cute, as always.

White elephant awesome!
    Also, I have started making adorable rat hammocks and hidy tubes, which will have pictures of them soon, and I will be selling them soon. My ratties love them! They are also great for any small animal, such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, etc. So, if you are interested, please ask, and I can make one for a few dollars, just because I went and bought new fleece, and they take a bit of time to make. All the best,


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