Back...With More Stuff Going on Than Ever!

     Hi guys! Why do I always say that? Okay, forget about that bland salutation, and keep on reading!
Hallo! How are you today? I am doing fantastically, and am enjoying a bit of rest after my first day of Classical Conversations, my homeschool co-op. I skipped ninth grade, so I will be doing quite a lot of work this year. I will try and keep up with the blog, but it may not be as often as I would like.I have been a bit  AWOL on the blog, I know, but I have been busy with awesome things. "What things?" you may ask, so I will answer with a semi-lengthy list:

Chickens, Ducks, Ducklings! Latin Class, Horseback, School! Creme Brulee Making, Dreaming of Having a Cow or Goat, Youth Group, WRITING MY BOOK!!!! 

  So after that ramble, I will tell you about some of these things, of course not in order, as I am a homeschool child. Let's start with horseback. I am having a ton of fun with horseback, and just yesterday went over a vertical jump several times on Lacy, the horse I ride, for the first time, once at the canter. I have done tons of crossrail jumps on her, which look like this:

     While a vertical jump looks like this and is much harder to jump over:

     Lacy is a funny horse; sometimes she is stubborn and mean, and sometimes she is an angel. She was used for research which left her damaged before she went to the stable at which I ride, which is sad because she is really quite sweet when she is not in pain and is very well put together. She is beautiful, and has beautiful coloring. She is a bay and has a small star. Her black mane is tipped in red. She gives me kisses sometimes, just like a dog. She is kind of my dream horse, and I hope I can buy her someday.

    Okay, ducklings. The ducklings are adorable and still growing, but really need some names! We have three that are unnamed, all girls, and the male a female that are named are called Charlie and Lola. Any suggestions would be appreciated! The chickens and ducks are no longer free-range, as we lost Sunflower and her two chicks, Cookie and Cream, to a hawk. Nutmeg got attacked by a hawk, too, but I ran out as it was pinning her down and scared it off by being an elegant hawk warrior... also known as screaming and kicking sticks at it. Well, Nutmeg was not looking good, her head was rolling around, and I thought her neck was broken, so I brought her inside to die in comfort. Turns out shock was the culprit of her strange behavior, and she is fine now, about a week later and back with the flock. If you guys want a blog post on how to save a chicken from shock, please request it and I will certainly write it. 

     I think some of you may be wondering about my book, and I will now give away some hints to you. The main character is named Willow, and she acts a lot like I do. I am modeling the story after the Hunger Games, although there is no killing of people in it. Well, not by other people or wounds, etc. Willow is the daughter of Peeta and Katniss, and she is a bit bored with her simple life. She hates hunting, but loves baking. She has a goat, Daisy, and a horse, Lacy, as well as some chickens and a duck. That is all I am going to give away for now, and if it ever gets past six and a half chapters, I will give you more hints. Who knows? Maybe I will publish it and you can buy it if I do.... But *no* pressure ;)

    School is awesome so far, and I love my class. My teacher is my friend's Dad, so I have seen him around. My classmates are all boys, but are all very respectful and sweet, so don't worry about me being the only girl. I feel like I have three older brothers now. Hi boys if you are reading this! Hope You like the blog! You are all so sweet! I had a conversation with one of them who we are going to call Brady for now because he hates that name, although I think it is an awesome name, that went a bit like this:

Me: I feel kind of awkward being the only girl.
Brady: Oh, it will be okay. Do you have any brothers?
Me: No, just Anthea.
Brady:Well, you know how she is your body guard?
Me: Yes!
Brady:Well, now you have three body guards that your sister can beat up if she needs to!

    Well, Anthea approves of them! They*loved* my creme brulee that I made for them, expressing their obvious gratitude by saying "Oh, this is awful!" and shoveling more into their mouths as they talked. Later consultation told me that they actually loved the dessert and would not mind more. This is going to be a very fun year! 

    I have to go now, but I hope you enjoyed this post. 


  1. Nice! Hope the book works out! I got halfway through the first page of mine but never finished it. XD XD Might want to look into Ebooks as they cost nothing to produce (or publish?). I know there's just something special about that hard-back paper though.

    I'd love to know about chickens in shock as the neighbors have rowdy labs and the chickens often get frightened even though they're safe.

    Sorry, that some died. :( that sucks.

    Yeah, I want to be a kind man. Also, honest and loving. Those I think are good things to live by.

    So, also, if you have time (no pressure) I'd like to see where you keep your quail. I'm planning on building a pen down at the barn for them and want to gather as much info as I can before building it as it'll be permanent.

    Oh, and don't worry about the not many posts. I started school(also homeschool) this week and so-far have found a little time for blog-youtube but maybe not next week. we'll see.

    1. I might look intoebooks, but for now I will try and publish a physical one. Would you like me to send you some of the chapters I have written via docs?

      I will try and write a post with chickens in shock and my quail set up. It is really simple and they get to play in the dirt and grass all day long. Thanks for commenting!

  2. We started school this week too. This is my last year of high school, so that's exciting, but it's going to be a hard year.

    I started reading your book, btw!


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