Guess What?

     Maybe some of you have heard. Maybe some of you have not heard. I have some very big news. No, I have not gotten more quail, or more chickens. Or even more fish! I did not publish or finish my book. I am not moving. I did not get a second blog or youtube channel. I did not buy a horse... I got ducklings! Five sweet, adorable ducklings. Four girls and one boy, and they are just precious! I do not have any names yet, but I hope to soon. They are only two days old, and are tiny! I have not raised ducklings in over a year, maybe over two. I am enjoying them being cute and relatively mess free, because I know that they will start to need their bedding changed multiple times a day in a few weeks. I love ducklings so much! I will have pictures and write more soon, but I just wanted to let you guys know about our new additions!


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