How to Help a Chicken, Quail, or Duck Survive Shock and/or an Injury

     Salvete! I am going to write a post that I talked about in my previous post, which was requested by my good blogger friend Micah from Micah's Farm. I recently had a hawk attack one of my chickens, but I managed to intervene in time to save her from the hawk so she could die in peace. I am really glad I brought her inside because she stopped rolling her head around and just sat, trying to get all the blood out of her mouth. So, to help her clear her mouth out so she could breathe, I gave her a basic electrolyte solution of water, maple syrup, and salt. I used maple syrup, but you could use honey, or even sugar. I just wanted to get her system back up and running as soon as possible so I went with a liquid sugar. If you want to, you can also add a small drop of apple cider vinegar and some garlic for extra immune system boosting. If the bird/animal has a wound, you should disinfect it. I did this with one of my quail when she got bitten by something on her wing and had a scratch on her head. I added about two drops of tea tree essential oil to a small cup of water and stirred it up well. I cleaned all the blood up with that water, and once she was clean, I added a few drops of the same water, although this had no blood in it, to some healing clay. I don't exactly know what type ours is because it came from Germany, but Bentonite will work very well. Bentonite clay draws toxins out of almost anything. Paired with activated charcoal and water, it makes an awesome face mask for clear skin. Okay, back to chickens. I do recommend putting the clay on any red areas as chickens like to peck at red and the clay will cover it up.
This is  Athena's wing before cleaning.

After cleaning with clay covering the small wound.

      Athena the quail is doing just fine, in case any of you were wondering, and it has been several weeks since this incident. Nutmeg, the chicken who got attacked, is also doing just fine and is back with the flock. And now for some pictures of our new ducklings.

Coming home with my babies :)

       Oh, and Katie is pretty adorable. And silly.


  1. Thanks! I didn't know about the clay. I'm guessing plantain would work also. We have lots of that around here.

    The ducklings are cute! What breed are they?

    1. Welsh harlequin:) I think plantain would work well, especially if the wound has a high risk of infection. Would you like me to start sending you my book chapters via docs?

    2. Ah,ok.

      Sure! I'd love to read some. I'll send you my one page of my cowboy story. XD Gonna be nowhere near as good or long as yours but I'll send it to ya.

      Sorry for the long wait for a reply.

    3. I have sent the first few chapters to you, am working on sending more :)

    4. Got 'm. I just read the first chapter. Wow you put a lot of work into it. I enjoyed reading as I ain't read any fiction for a while. Good job!

    5. I am glad you liked it! It has had no editing and is actually first draft, so any suggestions will be welcomed!


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