Let it snow....

     Finally, it is feeling like Christmas, and it is past the New Year, as always. Oh well, maybe we can have a white Christmas next year. Anyways, it is snowing like crazy at our house, and it is beautiful! The ducks don't quite know what to do with it, but they will eventually figure out it is solid water, and start eating it. It is also not quite deep enough to do that at the moment, but it is sticking pretty well, so it should be soon. Well, I hope you have had a good vacation, like I did, and that you all like snow. My friends and I have been making rat hammocks, and we finally have some for sale. I will have pictures soon. We made a pyramid hammock on the sewing machine, and that one is going to be about $10, and the cube hammock, which can fit at least four rats, is twenty dollars. They are all fleece, and should last for a bit, although they may become "ventilated" over time, as most rodents chew. They are washing machine safe, which is VERY helpful. Also, if you are wondering how the ratties are doing, today they had their first bath, which went really well, and they have grown quite a bit, which is a bit sad but also good for them, so I guess I will be okay. My sister is driving a little bit, which is cool and a tad bit scary, but I am happy for her. I really want to wish you all a very happy new year, and also a happy snowy day, just because it is snowing, and you should be happy because snow is pretty. I hope you enjoy reading my blog just as much as I enjoy writing it, and more. Happy New Year!


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