Still Snowy....

     Well, there is still plenty of snow on the ground, much to the ducks' chagrin. The snow is starting to melt, but very slowly. We have tons of pretty icicles, which scare me whenever the ducks walk under them. The chickens are occasionally coming out of their coop, although they really just want to stay in all day. The snow is a bit less appealing to me now that it is school time, but that's okay. I have been making gluten free sourdough starter, which will make awesome bread. So far, nobody that I know of has taken my seven days of blogging challenge, but I would still love to see some blog posts soon, guys! I have been having lots of fun with  this, and I think you will, too, if you try it. Also, you do not have to write everyday for a week, if that is inconvenient. I hope you are having fun in the snow still!
Snow on the bird feeder.

Squirrel paw prints in the snow.

Sunflower, one of our chicks.

Our fig tree's leaves are coming back in.


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