I am cold.

     It was 18 degrees this morning when I took care of the ducks, and my hair froze. I am going skiing this week hopefully, and had to get a new coat, as I have outgrown all my waterproof & warm coats. I have never been skiing, and am very excited. Thankfully, mime started back up today, which was fun, but exhausting. The rats are growing, and enjoying experimental hammocks. In fact, my latest hammock is their favorite place to hang out now. Also, I will be doing science fair in a few months, which should be fun. The ducks have really picked up in egg production, giving us four eggs daily, out of our five female ducks. Hopefully, they will do okay with all the cold weather, and for their sake I don't want it to get too cold. Here are some pictures!
Onyx on my lap.     
Our Original ducks in on a cold, snowy day.
Onyx in her lego house.


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