Okay, everyone. I have a challenge for you all, well, at least all you bloggers who read this. I want you to write a blog post with at least fifty words (you don't have to count) and a picture or two, if you want, every day for one week. Please put this challenge in that first blog post (sorry, I am actually counting yesterday as number one, even though I was supposed to put the challenge in the first one. Oops!) for anyone who reads it to see. The content does not matter for the post or picture, I just thought it would be fun to do something like this, and I will take this challenge too (I made it up!). Okay, here is my post for today! So, as I said yesterday, we have re-homed Emily. We have heard he is doing well at our friends' house, and we even have a picture, but I am having trouble loading the picture on the blog. Anyways, the snow has been fun, but cold. The ducks came out, ate, went back in their coop for the day. Same with the chickens. We, however, went and played outside all day long, unlike our "sensible" ducks. The snow is drop dead gorgeous, though, and it makes everything seem clean and fresh. Well, please take my challenge and pass it on! That would make me happy. Happy snow days!
First bantam egg of the year!!!

Emily is great at taking selfies.


And here is Pearl, being cute.
A winter wonderland.

A halo around the moon last night. It predicted well.

And the ducks thought it was bad enough yesterday.


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