Last day of the Challenge

    Sniff, sniff, It has already come. I can't believe it is the last day of my daily blog post challenge! I really enjoyed it and am surprised I did it everyday. The purpose of this challenge was to get other bloggers writing again, because I love reading your posts! Also, I have gotten some pictures of the newly christened Emil the rooster, who seems to be having a good time with his new family. He is a very sweet boy, but we had way too many roosters. The snow is halfway gone, and the chickens are actually getting out and about now. My sister finished applying for a scholarship last night, and it seems quite surprising that she will be in college soon. She also drove home from our church today! She is learning to drive, which is going very well. I am having some people buy eggs from me, which is really cool that I finally have a proper business. For the sake of my business, I am hoping to build a larger coop out of pallets and order more ducks and chickens at some point in the next few years. I will be starting a fodder system soon, which is where you sprout barley or wheat, and grow it to about five inches of grass. Then, I will feed it to the chickens and ducks, cutting down my feed bill while giving them better quality, organic food. Score! Okay, I promised you pictures, so here they are.
Emil(y) on my arm.

Small sparrow in the snow.
Monarch butterfly at the park earlier this fall.
On the hay bales.
Emil with his new girls. He looks popular!


  1. When Sara and I were putting y'all's chickens in the coop about a month ago, I actually told Sara that he should be named Emil. What a coincidence. xD

    1. Wow, Yeah! He is a very masculine rooster, there was just a gender mix-up at birth(hatch?).


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