Dreaming BIG.

     How big, you might ask? Probably not feasible, but, as I have stated, it is a dream, not reality. Okay, you are probably wondering what I am dreaming about. Well, basically, everything. Such as, my business, aka my new egg business and my etsy shop in progress (more about that in a few days), my future plans for our yard, hopefully a koi auqaponics system and a new chicken coop, and my dream job for when I grow up: my future bed and breakfast. As some of you know, this has been my dream for a WHILE. Before that, it was a pet store, which would have been fun, but I decided I did NOT want to be saying bye to several animals daily. I also realized I loved hosting things, being around MY OWN animals, and baking, which is something that definitely does not go with pet stores. Don't get me wrong, giving a pet a good home feels amazing and I know, because a few days ago we re-homed one of our roosters, Emily (there was a gender mix up), to our good friend. But, I figured I would probably rather work at a hotel. Or own a hotel. That got me thinking that a working farm bed and breakfast where people could eat gluten free, learn how to take care of animals (and therefore eliminate some of my work. Sweet!), and just enjoy themselves. Now, I have planned all the animals, the amount of land, and the number of rooms. I already have so many people who want to work at it someday, especially if they get to ride horses for free, and that is making it start to feel a bit more, well, possible. And I know it won't make much money, but I will have a garden, a dairy cow and chickens for food, some horses to ride, and a fish pond, so I will be all set! And hopefully, I will have a family, or at least a husband, because I absolutely cannot live alone, or I will become the crazy cat, or who knows, rat lady that all the kids of the neighborhood fear. That being said, whether or not this crazy dream comes true, I think I will be okay. Although, it would be nice to have something at least resembling this dream come true. I really want it to come true. Oh well, I'm half way there to most of the things, the ducks, the chickens, the garden, the fish tanks, the smaller chicken coops, etc. You get the point. Oh, and sorry for not writing like I normally do, for I am not a normal person. But, I am just fine not being normal, especially a normal teen aged girl. Not fun. Well, thank you so much for reading this blog, if you do, and if not, that's okay with me. Whoa, I just wrote a TON. Well, nice talking (kind of) to you!

P.S. If you want me to write on a particular subject, then please ask in the comments. And happy snow day(s)!!!


  1. Who did you give Emily to? I totally think you could have a great B&B! Hopefully see you tomorrow (if we're not snowed in still! :)!

  2. We gave Emily to our Chiropractor, Dr. Brooke. Thank you for saying that about the B&B! Yeah, hope to see you soon!


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